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June 26, 2022

Stanculescu: KGB behind Ceausescu’s fall

In a book launched recently, former Communist general Victor Atanasie Stanculescu tells about the fact that December 1989 events were the result of a coup arranged by the Russian secret services. According to him, the Ceausescu era ended by a classical coup arranged by KGB and GRU (Russian Military Intelligence Agency) with the help of Romanian army officers.

The book “The Truth, at last…” is made from a series of dialogues of historian Alex Mihai Stoenescu with the former general. According to Stanculescu, who admits he was an important pawn in Ceausescu’s regime downfall, in spring 1989, during a holiday in Balaton, Hungary, the Eastern European KGB head Karpati Ferenc suggested him that, following Ceausescu’s latest meeting with Gorbatchev, “dictator’s fate was already decided” .

Stanculescu suggests that Ceausescu’s death came as a result of a joint effort from both KGB and GRU. Early December 1989, the special GRU forces went to Romania, and to support them, an airborne electronic diversion was put in place, to jam telecommunications and the interior defence system. Stanculescu also says the so-called terrorist system had two components, the external Soviet one and a domestic component. “The terrorists that we managed to catch admitted there were other officers from army units leaving the orders for a while. They vanished for a day or two during the events and came back to their units, no one really knows what they did in all that time.”

Stanculescu also quotes Soviet archive documents reading “in Bucharest and Timisoara, KGB and GRU kept shooting at people up from high buildings, to increase the protest amplitude.”

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