Iasi Liberal wants Antonescu out

The Iasi County National Liberal Party (PNL), campaign manager, Valentin Salavastru, wants a party congress to convene in order to replace PNL leaner Crin Antonescu on grounds of failing to consult PNL branches nationwide over the party going into the opposition and repeating Tariceanu’s mistakes. Salavastru told Mediafax yesterday the following: ‘The president, whom, we the ignored pool in this party, put in Tariceanu’s place, and I mean Crin Antonescu, makes the same mistakes the former did. He takes decisions in a narrow environment and is unaware of the party.’ He also said that unlike Tariceanu, who did not consult the party in the wake of the general elections in 2008, Antonescu ‘is smarter’, as he allegedly consulted the PNL. Salavastru, who is held as close to the leader of PNL Iasi, Relu Fenechiu, upheld the alternative of a partnership being struck with Basescu for the runoff ballot and a PNL-PDL alliance being forged, with a Liberal premier.

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