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December 6, 2022

37 pc increase for BVB in H2 2009, as well as historic minimums

The Bucharest Stock Exchange (BVB) fared rather poorly, especially in the first half of 2009, but in H2 we witnessed a recovery of the market, brokers told HotNews.ro. Thus, by the end of the year, the general index of the exchange BET-C appreciated by 37.31 pc from the level reached during the last session of 2008. “The Exchange fared rather poorly this year, in terms of liquidity, and I think this is the most adequate index now. In terms of price evolutions, things were somehow better, as we witnessed a recovery from the minimums reached earlier this year,” said Adrian Simionescu, CEO of the Vienna Investment Trust. Mihai Chisu, broker with IFB Finwest, considers the stock exchange had a “scary” evolution for most investors in H1 year, especially as it fell by 35 pc just two months into the year.

“However, for those who had courage and understood that an evolution on the stock exchange does not include only panic, but also a recovery, it was an incredible advantage that eventually turned into a profit they could have not scored otherwise,” he added.

In the second part of the year, the exchange correlated with the evolution of foreign markets and began to recover. “The volatility experienced by the exchange this year was incredible and one can seldom see such moments. There were sudden appreciations by 100-200 pc for some stocks and the indices registered appreciations of tens of percent points. If we took even the minimums registered during February-March, then we can notice that those who bet on recovery were able to obtain gains of more than 200 pc. It was a year of the speculators, who were put in situations they never encountered on the Romanian exchange so far, when panic reached new peaks, followed by momentary euphoria that generated spectacular recoveries,” Chisu explained. According to the same source, growth slowed down of late, because of politically-induced local uncertainties. As a whole, however, liquidity was rather high for certain issuers, even comparable to that of past years.

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