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September 29, 2022

King Mihai I: 2010 seems to bring better signs

King Mihai I issued his New Year’s message to the Romanians on Saturday from Savarsin Castle, Arad County. ‘God gave me a long life. I have issued dozens of messages to you, to your parents and grandparents on Christmases and New Years, from the country or from the exile. Whatever the historical context I went through, I have considered that Romania’s highest value are you, its people, from the youngest of you to the eldest of you,’ the message reads. King Mihai considers that Romania has reached ‘an important point in its history.’

‘We are members of NATO and the European Union, we’ve attained a certain degree of democracy, freedom and prosperity.’ Without naming a certain party or candidate, the King stated in his message that free elections ‘are useful only if they bring a better governance in order for the country to develop.’ King Mihai I voiced his worry concerning the economic crisis but expressed his hope that 2010 seems to bring better signs. ‘A competent administration will be able to protect the country from many shortcomings,’ King Miahi added. ‘We will always stand alongside you, guarding the values of the State and of our nation,’ Romania’s former King stated at the end.

The royal family spent Christmas at its property in Savarsin where it opened its doors to waits and where it will remain until January 3. King Mihai and Prince Radu attended the Christmas Mass within the Reunification Cathedral in Alba Iulia on Friday.

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