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December 5, 2020

Honorius Prigoana and Radu Stroe, candidates in District 1

The son of Deputy Silviu Prigoana, Honorius Prigoana, will run in the partial election for the Chamber of Deputies on behalf of PDL, after Virgil Tudorache, who had been validated as a candidate by the District 1 PDL Local Bureau, withdrew his candidacy in his favour, after a short and ‘elegant’ discussion with party leader Emil Boc, according to Mediafax.

Tudorache was invited to the Victoria Palace by the PDL President, PM Emil Boc, for a discussion on his candidacy in District 1, which didn’t last more than ten minutes. ‘Honorius Prigoana will run. I talked to the party leader who is a very elegant and fine man and I understood where things stand. I am not discontent although I did obtain the best result and I am better known by the voters in the electoral district number one, but I will obey my party line and my party president. I will withdraw, there is absolutely no problem,’ Tudorache said. He wished Honorius Prigoana success in the election and happy holidays.

PNL Secretary General Radu Stroe also submitted his candidacy in the same electoral district, for the vacancy created after Bogdan Olteanu left for a central bank position.

Not having a candidate of their own, the PSD leaders are considering supporting Liberal Radu Stroe in the election for the Chamber of Deputies in District 1, Bucharest, Social-Democrat sources say.

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