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September 23, 2021

Ciorogarla file deferred one week

Tuesday, Bucharest Court of Appeal deferred one week the judging of the contestations in the case of the persons taken in custody in the case of the weapons stolen from Ciorogarla unit. The reason: the lawyer of one of the 14 defendants did not come to the lawsuit, and the defendant did not want to be represented by a defender pro bono. Also for the next week was postponed the request of DIICOT prosecutors to arrest the brother of one of the 14 defendants, Adrian Preda, the only one left free in the case. The prosecutors requested the preventive arrest of Adrian Preda because he had allegedly lied in front of the investigators when he declared that the pistol found in the block of flats where he lives does not belong to him. They say that the result of the DNA analysis points clearly to the fact that the pistol, which does not belong to the lot of arms stolen from Ciorogarla military unit, belongs to Preda.

We recall that 14 persons were remanded on December 28, being charged with arm robbery from a military unit from Ciorogarla (close to Bucharest), and some of them also with internationally trafficking high risk drugs. The inquiry of the Romanian authorities started last August, after 130 kg of heroin were captured in Turkey and Bulgaria. Subsequently, the research was extended to Romania. The investigators raided 45 locations on December 27, finding among others also 27 arms from the lot which had disappeared about a year ago from Ciorogarla.

The weapons were in working condition, but had never been used. According to DIICOT chief, Codrut Olaru, there are two hypotheses regarding the reason of the robbery. One was to use the weapons as trading card in drug trafficking for the acquisition of heroin, and the other to arm themselves.

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