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October 4, 2022


League 1, number 11
in world championship hierarchy

The International Federation for Football History and Statistics (IFFHS) has published the world championship hierarchy, where League 1 Gemabookers.com is number 11. The standing is headed by the Premier League (England), the second is Primera Division (Spain) and the third is Bundesliga (Germany). League 1 is in the 11th place with 673.5 points, ahead of Portugal, Greece or Belgium. The Netherlands, Ukraine and Turkey – championships with important names and lots of money like Ajax, Shakhtar, Fenerbahce or Galatasaray – are in front of Romania. The best League 1 performance ever was number 10 in 2006. In 2007 and 2008, the Romanian championship was number 21.

Florin Prunea prepares to become FC Dinamo manager

Former international footballer Florin Prunea (41) is being considered for the position as manager of the Dinamo club. A goalkeeper of the Romanian national team between 1990 and 2001, Prunea says he has already talked to Dynamo officials about the job. ‘The Dinamo offer is an honour, I have played for the club for many years, I simply cannot turn them down. I am not interested in the financial par, Dynamo has its economic issues but, together with the shareholders, we must show understanding and put this difficult time behind us. I am not sure about the chance of finalizing negotiations, I cannot give you a percentage, the outcome will be known in a couple of days’, the former goalkeeper said. Up until last summer, Florin Prunea was Director of the International Relations Department of the Romanian Football Federation (FRF), from where he was sacked after being prosecuted in the case of the corrupted referees.

Laszlo Sepsi,
at FC Timisoara

FC Timisoara has transferred Laszlo Sepsi (23), a back striker who had just parted with Racing Santander. The Romanian international player who had rejoined the Portuguese Benfica Lisbon club after being lent to the Spanish team has signed a five-year contract with the Timisoara club. The value of the transaction seems to have been EUR 2.3 M. ‘I am very happy about coming to Timisoara. It is the only club that really wanted to have me and that counted a lot. I want us to win the championship. Club owner Marian Iancu had wanted me for some years, just like Sabau,’ Sepsi said.

Marian Iancu
no longer manager

Marian Iancu has quit his position as General Manager of FC Timisoara, complaining about the fact that the local authorities had breached their agreement with the club. ‘I will still be Chairman of the Board representing the interests of investors. I will no longer be in charge from a managerial point of view, I will only oversee and analyse the work on the Board. Gheorghe Chivorchian will be the only liaison with the Local and County Councils. I find this to be a personal failure in the relationship with those institutions. I am a rather ego-centric person and I cannot allow myself to be trashed by anyone.

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Guy Poupet received BNR assent to head BRD-GSG

“BRD – Groupe Societe Generale informs the investors that further to the assent of the National Bank of Romania, Guy Marie Charles Poupet is the new CEO of BRD – Groupe Societe Generale SA starting on January 1, 2010,” reads a press release remitted yesterday to the Stock Exchange. The document signed by BRD secretary general, Gheorghe Marinel, confirms that Patrick Gelin has officially renounced the mandate of member of the board of administration and the position of CEO of BRD-Societe Generale. Gelin’s decision comes “as a result of a personal decision, in full agreement with the management of Groupe Societe Generale to retire from the professional activity,” after a career of 40 years within Societe Generale. Poupet comes from the position of vice president and managing director of a Societe Generale subsidiary from Egypt, National Societe Generale Bank, after he managed the stock exchange department from Societe Generale central offices.

Ioan Hidegcuti released from office of secretary general in Ministry on SMEs

Ioan Hidegcuti, backed by PSD, was released by Premier Emil Boc from the position of secretary general in the Ministry on small and medium sized enterprises, institution which was dismantled after the activity connected with trade, business environment and small and medium sized enterprises (SME) was assumed by the Ministry of Economy in the new Government. Ioan Hidegcuti was released from office further to PM’s decision, Mediafax reports. The document signed by the Head of Government reads that within the 30 days notice the Ministry of Economy, Trade and Business Environment will enforce the provisions stipulated for such cases by Law 188/1999 regarding the status of the civil servants. The law establishes that for a person released from office through the reorganization of the institution, if there are no adequate vacancies in the new structure, the ministry must request the National Civil Servants Agency, during the period covered by the notice, the list of vacant positions, and transfer the civil servant in the interest of the institution or on demand. Previously, Ioan Hidegcuti had been secretary general in the Ministry of Culture, under the PSD minister Razvan Theodorescu, and secretary general of the Ministry on SMEs, during the term of office of Constantin Nita (PSD), since April 2009.

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Dacia dealers await offers likely to compensate
for the car tax

Dacia concessionaires await a range of promotions from the maker that would compensate for the impact of the car tax on the cost of the vehicles, saying that they cannot bear a commercial discount bigger than 1 per cent. “The dealer cannot absorb the impact of the tax to be paid this year for the Dacia cars which comply with Euro 4 standards. We can make discounts only of 0.5 – 1 per cent, because the commercial margin for a Dacia car is 3 per cent,” Paul Schiaucu, vice president Dacia and Renault Concessionaires Association, declared for Mediafax. Automobile Dacia runs a promotion valid until January 31, which covers the equivalent of the car tax.

Andrei Gheorghe, spokesman with the Finance Ministry

The TV producer Andrei Gheorghe will be spokesman with the Finance Ministry. More exactly, he will be head of the communication department from the Ministry. The news came initially on sources, quoted by the daily ‘Gandul,’ but it was confirmed in a brief interview given to Realitatea.net. The offer came from the new finance minister Sebastian Vladescu. Gheorghe said: “It is by far my most appealing adventure.”

Fast food tax to increase Health Ministry’s budget

The Health Ministry intends to introduce a new tax, after the vice one, namely the fast food tax, meant to support the national health programmes. “We intend to introduce taxes on fast food, sweets, bubbling beverages meant to support some national health programmes,” the health minister Attila Cseke announced yesterday in a press conference, according to Agerpres. The minister did not specify the amounts that could be collected to the budget by levying the fast food tax.

13 pc of commercial spaces finalized in 2009 are outside Bucharest

The real estate developers finalized in Bucharest 57 per cent of the surface of the commercial centers scheduled to be ready in 2009 and only 13 per cent outside the capital, according to the firm Colliers which estimates that the completion of the six projects due to be finalized in 2010 will be delayed. Thus, the surface finished in 2009 totaled 227,500 sq m, while the unfinished projects were delayed are on stand-by or were cancelled, reads a press release of the real estate consultancy company Colliers Internationals. “On another hand, the construction of some of the commercial centers which was stopped at the beginning of 2009 may be resumed this year. Nevertheless, it is improbable to see other completions in 2010 than those which have already been officially announced,” also reads the press release.

Rompetrol raises
fuel prices

Rompetrol Downstream, the fuel distribution division of Rompetrol group, increased yesterday the price of gasoline by five bani per liter and that of diesel by three bani per liter. Thus, the gasolines Efix 95 and Alto 101 cost RON 4.24 per liter, respectively RON 4.85 per liter. The new prices of the diesel assortments Efix and Alto 55 are RON 4.06 per liter, respectively RON 4.35 per liter. The prices of the fuels sold in Rompetrol stations may vary by +/- 5 per cent against the reference ones.

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New battalion heads
for Afghanistan

The Posada Mountain Rangers’ Battalion 33 left for Afghanistan yesterday, in a ceremony in Curtea de Arges, attended by Defence Minister Gabriel Oprea, Army Chief of Staff Gheorghe Marin, the US defence attaché, Colonel Bruce West and several war veterans and representatives of the local administration, according to a press release from the Defence Ministry.

This is the second Afghanistan mission of the battalion. The mountain rangers will be deployed to Zabul, where they will remain for six months, taking over the operations currently run by the 280 Infantry Battalion from Focsani. Their tasks will include running joint military operations with Afghan forces, running humanitarian missions and escorting convoys and patrolling.

Leading Democrat Liberal calls for party reform

Democrat Liberal MEP Cristian Preda called for thorough reform of his party in a blog posting yesterday, saying that “votes are not gathered like a company’s profit and that the party should assume a considerable freedom of opinion,” underlining that a political organization cannot be considered modern “if it speaks in only one voice.” Preda also criticized the party for seemingly lacking clear ideologies, saying that it has shifted sides one time too many in the past years. The former presidential aide however underlined that PDL could take advantage of the fact its main competitors, PSD and PNL, are currently ruled by chaos and become the first “post-communist party” that assumes its modernization.In the context, Preda criticized Honorius Prigoana, who is running on behalf of the PDL for a Deputy seat in Bucharest, saying that his “young colleague” should not use the phrase “state modernization” in his campaign. “The idea that the January 17 election is connected to a promise for state reform is a ridiculous one. The young Prigoana should understand the competition he’s in and not take his rhetoric on a rockier road than the one he is used to, as a driver with numerous fines so far,” Preda wrote.

Nastase: PSD has become ‘second-rate’ party

PSD leader Adrian Nastase states on his blog that since 2004 the party has destructured organizationally, has lost its combative spirit and has become a small, “second-rate” formation, in comparison with which PDL, “except the anti-democratic excesses and the lack of ideology,” is better organized.According to Nastase, any discussion about the future of the party must begin from the fact that the party lost the presidential elections on December 6, 2009 and “in this way, it is, at least for three years, in opposition.” He says that until 2004 the national political scene was divided into two: PSD on the one hand and the parties willing to defeat PSD on the other hand. Nastase says that the situation has changed, PSD being now in the position of having to associate with other formations in order to govern. His statements were supported by the party’s former vice president Vasile Dancu, but were slammed by other PSD leaders. The party’s Buzau leader, Ion Vasile labeled Nastase’s comments as “cannibalistic acts”. Vice president Victor Ponta said the criticism was natural, given that the party will soon hold a congress to elect new leaders.

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