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August 14, 2022

Romanian films to hit theaters in 2010

Continuing last year’s upward trend, local filmmaking industry is preparing 15 new titles for this year. Cristi Puiu, Radu Muntean, Catalin Mitulescu and Radu Gabrea will return on the big screens. Five years after ‘The death of Mr. Lazarescu,’ Cristi Puiu is putting the finishing touches on ‘Aurora,’ probably the year’s most awaited film. A Bucharest ‘crime story’ whose hero (actually the anti-hero) is a recently resigned metallurgy engineer and a divorced father of two. The movie is the more interesting as Cristi Puiu dared to play the role of the character that he created. Hence a triple role for Puiu and a drama focusing on the mechanisms that drive us to murder. The enthusiastic reactions recorded last autumn at the Thessaloniki Festival foreshadow two surprises for 2010: Titus Munteanu’s ‘Cinematographic caravan’ and Calin Netzer’s ‘Medal of honor.’ Titus Munteanu, a veteran of public television with 43 years of career, hits the big screens with a subtle drama (after one of Ioan Grosan’s short stories) about how dictatorship slips into people’s lives. The ‘Medal’ has already won five awards in Thessaloniki, including the award for screenplay (Tudor Voican). Radu Muntean’s portfolio will see a new entry – ‘Tuesday after Christmas,’ a film about the dilemmas of a man who is in love with two women, featuring Mimi Branescu and Maria Popistasu. It took Catalin Mitulescu four years to come up with ‘A balloon shaped like a heart,’ his second movie after ‘How I spent the end of the world.’ It is the story of a 17-year-old orphan that falls in love with a girl but is caught by police, the latter considering him a crime suspect. Razvan Radulescu’s ‘Felicia before all,’ Alexa Visarion’s ‘Green Moon’ and Marian Crisan’s debut film ‘Morgen’ are expected to hit the theaters in 2010 too. Sergiu Nicolaescu won’t be absent either and will delight us with ‘Poker’ in the spring. Also in 2010 we will be able to see ‘The ghost-father,’ Lucian Georgescu’s first long-reel based on a script signed by Barry Gifford (David Lynch’s collaborator) and featuring Marcel Iures in the leading role. Radu Gabrea will make a comeback with the ‘Red gloves,’ an adaptation from Enginald Schlattner’s book, a film in which he inserted autobiographic details. Just like the Saxon from the book, Gabrea spent time in jail in the 1950s.

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