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May 18, 2022

Celebrations dedicated to national poet Mihai Eminescu

The 160 that have passed since the birth of our national poet will be celebrated by a range of local and international events.

l The Romanian cultural Institute (ICR) in Madrid announces it will celebrate, on January 14, 160 years since the national poet’s birth by a poetry and music performance – ‘Eminescu…interpreted’, at the ‘Marques de Valdechilla’ History Library of the Complutense University of Madrid. Young Romanian actors established in Spain – Ioana Albu, Laura Gazdaru, Ioana Epure, Alexandru Tasse and Alexandru Dinca – will presented dramatized readings in Spanish of ‘Letter 3’ and ‘The Morning Star’, poems translated by Valeriu Georgiade. The members of Spanish group ‘Arin Dodo’ will sing songs based on Eminescu’s poems in an unusual manner, the scenography being signed by Romanian artist Bogdan Ater. Not least, the Spanish poet, essayist and novelist Hector Martinez Sanz who has written valuable tests on Mihai Eminescu, will present an interpretative outlook on Eminescu’s work.

l An exhibition of medals, plaquettes, insignia, old books, paintings and sculptures dedicated to the 160 years since the birth of Mihai Eminescu opened at the Palace of the Parliament on Monday, in the presence of collectors and of numerous Eminescu fans. The ‘Then Evening Star sets out’ exhibition brought together a total of 34 collectors from Gura Humorului, Barlad, Botosani or Bucharest. ‘We are now celebrated 160 years since M. Eminescu’s birth. The exhibition was suggestively called ‘Then Evening Star sets out‘ because, on January 15, 1850, the Morning Star of the Romanian literature set out metaphorically. Among the exhibited items there is also the poet’s suitcase he would carry during his travels around the country. We have also exhibited paintings from Eminescu’s work as well as sculptures – done by Nicolae Pascu Goia’, the President of the Group of ‘Mihai Eminescu’ Medals and Insignia Collectors, Mihai Costin told Agerpres. He also noted that very rare and exclusive pieces that had been done upon the artist’s death in 1889 were also on display. ‘

l ‘Eminescu and India’ – a volume by Amita Bhose, was launched at the Romanian National Literature Museum on Wednesday, marking 160 years since the poet’s birth. The book published by ‘Cununi de stele’ publishers contains a preface and a postface written by late professor Zoe Dumitrescu-Busulenga, also sketching out a rather uncommon portrait of Amita Bhose as a person and reproduces reports by outstanding literary historians of the time. From the postface we learn that ‘Eminescu and India’ is not only a research into the Indian influences on Eminescu’s work, but also ‘a confirmation of the place of decisive crossroads and influences the Romanian contribution holds in the world literature’. At the book launch, the personality of Amita Bhose and her role in the Romanian culture will be commented on by Carmen Musat-Coman, former student and Bhose’s collaborator, as well as Editorial Director of ‘Cununi de stele’, by Lelia Radulescu from the ‘Ioan Slavici’ Library and by Elena Andronache, Amita Bhose’s former student.

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