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October 16, 2021

Preda, Voinescu criticise PDL leadership again

PDL Deputy Sever Voinescu states in an interview to the weekly “Academia Catavencu,” that there are “a few ayatollahs” in PDL who always win and the decisions, many of them wrong, are taken “in a narrow circle.”

Asked by the journalist “Do you realize what doubts Basescu had when he chose Udrea for Development Ministry?” Voinescu answered: “Yes, this is a problem! From the outside the party appears closed. There are a few ayatollahs, and for the rest, extras. Sometimes we have in the party elections carefully organized and, what do you think! The winners are still the ayatollahs. Thus, nobody wants a change, it’s nice and quiet in here, there is nobody else better in the party that those who have been, are and will be. But we all know that it isn’t so. Now, the competence and morality demands are much bigger.”

In his turn, the Democrat Liberal MEP Cristian Preda mocked the party’s leadership attitude. “I recommend the leadership to travel by bus from time to time, as I do, and hear what the people are saying. You cannot make politics from a 4×4. I don’t shut up and nobody will censure me,” Preda told “Academia Catavencu.” The Democrat-Liberal said that he regrets the replacement of Teodor Paleologu at the Culture Ministry, and criticized Oprea’s appointment at the Defence.

Geoana: A recipient party is prepared for PDL to lure liberals

Following a line of disapproval for PDL head Emil Boc, PSD head Mircea Geona said in a TV interview that an attack form within the Democrat Liberal Party was prepared, meant to create a “recipient party for those contesting Emil Boc’s authority and competence.” According to Geoana, the attack from outside the opposition leaders PSD and PNL is prepared by President Basescu himself meant to lure PNL and seize power entirely.

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