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January 23, 2022

Remus Cernea lost case within Constitutional Court

Romania’s Constitutional Court has rejected Remus Cernea’s appeal against the Bucharest Electoral Bureau’s decision to reject his candidature for the Lower Chamber.

The Constitutional Court’s decision is final and mandatory.

Early this week Remus Cernea pointed out that he was notified about the Constitutional Court’s deadline for solving his case, a deadline that basically rendered his action pointless irrespective of the Constitutional Court’s decision.

Remus Cernea, whose candidature within College 1 was rejected by the Electoral Bureau, asked PNL to withdraw Radu Stroe’s candidature in order for both of them to wait the Constitutional Court’s decision regarding the Green Party’s claim of unconstitutionality. Cernea backed his request with Honorius Prigoana’s statement. The latter promised to withdraw his candidature in order to wait for the CC’s decision provided Radu Stroe does the same.

Radu Stroe stated that he won’t back down from the electoral race, arguing that the move is belated considering that the ballots have already been printed. He added that PNL will propose the modification of the electoral law in the sense of allowing independent candidates to take part in partial elections.

On December 30, 2009, Remus Cernea filed within the Bucharest Court his appeal against the Electoral Bureau’s decision to reject his candidature for the Lower Chamber.

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