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February 1, 2023

Marko bring minorities’ law back into spotlight

The president of the Magyar Democrat Union from Romania, Marko Bela, says that he has discussed with the Democrat-Liberals to resume the discussions over the draft of the national minorities’ law and to pass it in Parliament. “We haven’t discussed by articles. We agreed in principle that, taking into account the opinion of the Commission from Venice, we shall discuss this project by articles,” the UDMR leader declared on Sunday evening on Realitatea TV.

Bela also said that a combination between the local autonomy and certain “special solutions regarding the identity problems” would conduct to territorial autonomy and this concept can be easily reached. “I believe that in this moment the county councils are already a small Parliament,” the UDMR leader stressed.

On another hand, in an interview given to the daily “Evenimentul zilei,” the leader of the formation says that 20 years after the setting up of UDMR, the Union remained without major objectives, and enumerates among them the minorities’ law. Marko acknowledges in the same interview that the relation with President Traian Basescu is “controversial,” he says that he is scared by the extreme right from Hungary and doesn’t want to expedite things in “Rosia Montana” file.

“I see also at some colleagues the feeling that UDMR had allegedly remained without major objectives, but I don’t believe this. We obtained a whole range of individual rights: if I denied this it would mean to cancel my work of two decades in politics. But in connection with the minorities’ rights it is the same as with democracy: nobody can say that we have solved all the problems.

We managed to obtain individual rights, the use of the maternal language, the right to education in the maternal language, but even so there are restrictions that we must eliminate. Anyway, we created an appropriate framework. In exchange, in connection with the collective rights, we still have to discuss,” Marko Bela declared for EvZ.

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