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January 31, 2023

Presumed murderer Bahaian behind bars for 29 days

The Ialomita County Tribunal on Sunday evening upheld a request by prosecutors and issued a 29-day arrest warrant for controversial businessman Sergiu Bahaian, who also controls football club Gloria Buzau. The court issued arrest warrants, also for 29 days, against three of Bahaian’s alleged accomplices, as all four had been apprehended Saturday in a case of economic crimes.

According to DIICOT Constanta, the members of the group led by Bahaian set up companies on the names of people they had recruited in the past, and used these companies to purchase merchandise paid with forged payment instruments. Later on, they used these goods as guarantees for bank loans, the same asset being put as guarantee for several loans, in different banks. The criminal group also purchased automobiles in leasing, suing the same method. After they played their role, the respective people were murdered, with four such victims being found so far.

During an interview with Hotnews, Romania’s General Prosecutor Laura Codruta Kovesi was asked why Bahaian was charged with “economic crimes,” rather than “complicity to aggravated murder. She explained that only part of the information in the file could be provided to the press. “Only the main crimes were made public and it is possible that we expand the range of accusations during the investigation,” Kovesi answered.

Bahaian was the mastermind behind one of the largest financial rows of the ‘90s, a pyramid game in which tens of thousands of Romanians got cheated. His schemes of “financial engineering” sent him to prison for many years, but he was set free by a clement justice. The high-profile crook also has a less known aspect: he had a passion for art. In 1995, he financed the production of the film ‘Asphalt Tango,’ directed by Nae Caranfil, and the music album ‘Born in the autumn’ by Loredana Groza. After he was released from prison, Bahaian staged the theatrical play ‘For art’s sake,’ which however was never played, because he tried to pay his collaborators with a void cheque, Evenimentul Zilei wrote yesterday.

Ironically, he was known on virtual socializing networks as a sensitive and open man. He had over 1,600 friends – including many Romanian celebrities – on Facebook, where he posted comments about his theatrical activity and suggested he was… lovesick.

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