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May 24, 2022

Boc speaks about ‘possible Gov’t reshuffling,’ EU criterion essential

PM Emil Boc cautioned yesterday the ministers, at the first inter-ministerial committee regarding the European funds, that the performance connected with the accession to the EU money will be a criterion of evaluation of the activity of each Cabinet member and would count at a possible reshuffling of the Government.

“The degree of performance of the absorption of the community funds by the ministers will be a criterion of evaluation of each one and will underlie the possible governmental reshufflings, which are normal in the act of governance. Thus, a criterion of evaluation of each minister will be the absorption of the community funds, starting from the moment zero, when the mandate was assumed,” the Premier said.

Boc stressed that it is a priority of the Government to attract the community funds, because the European money is a chance to modernize the country and a method to overcome the present financial crisis and assure the economy relaunching.

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