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June 28, 2022

Recourse in Bahaian case to be judged on Friday

After Ialomita Tribunal admitted on Sunday to remand businessman Sergiu Bahaian and his three accomplices for 29 days, the former filed recourse on Monday. The recourse will be judged on Friday at Bucharest Court of Appeal. Bahaian was arrested by DIICOT prosecutors in a case regarding economic frauds, while his three supposed accomplices are charged with perpetration of economic offences to the detriment of commercial companies, through the acquisition of products which they did not pay. According to the ex officio lawyer Alexandru Boboc, 34 firms are prejudiced by several millions EUR.

“We pleaded in favour of releasing the defendants during the investigation, because these deeds occurred sometimes in 2006-2007,” the lawyer said. All the four suspects were questioned at Constanta in another case regarding the murdering of at least four persons. We should also add that another suspect in this file was apprehended by police officers on the night of Monday through Tuesday, a warrant of preventive arrest for 29 days being issued in his name by the magistrates from Ialomita Tribunal. According to the quoted source, Dan Negurean, aged 53, was taken in custody for the setting up of an organized offending group and complicity to fraud in conventions by issuing checks and other payment instruments without coverage, which prompted extremely serious consequences.

Savagely murdered

According to the edition of yesterday of ‘Jurnalul National,’ all the four victims of Bahaian group were brutally murdered. Lucian Cernat, aged 42, died drowned. Petrica Captalan, aged 28, and Ionel Ulezu, aged 42, were buried alive in the courtyard of a house from Constanta County. Emilian Leonte, aged 47, also died drowned in the Danube-Black Sea Canal. Huge transactions had been made in their names, and they accepted to affix their signatures on documents which circulated between accounts sums that he would have not dreamt to earn in their life. When they understood that those who managed the “affairs” were earning on their behalf huge sums of money they dared to request their share and paid with their lives.

This thesis is sustained also by Prosecutor General Laura Codruta Kovesi who declared on Monday in an interview for Hotnews that the victims were murdered because they “had claims” and at a certain moment “they request more money.”

“In this case at Constanta some of the victims were murdered because of their claims. They received a certain amount of money for signing the papers connected with the setting up of commercial companies. After a while, when they saw how rich some people became on their account, they demanded more money. This was one of the reasons for which they were murdered,” the chief of the Public Ministry said.

According to Kovesi, such a case has not been met in the past few years in Romania. “From the point of view of their seriousness, I can tell you that I haven’t met them in the steady practice of these years. Probably that the wish for quick enrichment was one of the reasons which determined the involved persons to appeal to violence, the wish to protect their affairs,” Kovesi added.

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