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September 19, 2020

Liberals demand Basescu explain parapsychologist’s presence

After keeping mum on the topic so far, Liberals yesterday demanded President Traian Basescu explain why a man identified as a reputed parapsychologist, Aliodor Manolea, was present in his entourage in last year’s presidential campaign. National Liberal Party first vice president Ludovic Orban said yesterday that Basescu owes an explanation to Romanians as to who Manolea is, what services he provided to the president and how he was paid.

Orban told a press conference that it’s very serious to see that the president of Romania resorted to a person “which provided the head of state with inappropriate services” that are unknown to the public.

The PNL leader also described as very serious the head of state’s failure to make a public statement, “while the president’s entourage pretends it knows nothing.” “I find it serious that he refuses to make a public statement, he cannot behave as a primitive under the influence of wizards, and the president of the state makes no statement about it, while his entourage pretends it knows nothing. I do not know what this Aliodor Manolea did,” Orban said.

The scandal surrounding Manolea and his presence next to the president emerged after PSD leader Mircea Geoana and later on his wife hinted that Basescu was helped by esotericism specialists to win last month’s presidential elections. The PSD leader, who narrowly lost the presidential race to Basescu, said in a TV show he saw these specialists with the head of state during a decisive confrontation ahead of the poll and later at Cotroceni Palace. Mihaela Geoana added that her husband fell victim to ‘energy attacks’ during the confrontation with Basescu and that is why he performed rather poorly in the debate. Their comments came shortly after Geoana’s campaign chief, Viorel Hrebenciuc, said Basescu won the debate due to the ‘Violet Flame,’ as explanation why the head of state and part of his staff were wearing violet clothing items.

Shortly after, the media revealed that Manolea was seen in President Basescu’s entourage during the confrontation with Geoana but also at Cotroceni Palace. But the parapsychologist was also seen in pictures alongside Geoana, during the 2007 European Parliament election campaign.

Meanwhile yesterday, Sibiu Mayor Klaus Johannis, who was expected to become prime minister if Geoana had won the elections, snubbed talks about energy attacks and the ‘Violet Flame’ and underlined that he is not interested in such issues. When asked during a press conference to voice an opinion about these matters, Johannis started laughing and said he was “surprised” to see how much importance is given to these things. “I am surprised to see so many people and so many media institutions showing this special interest in a topic that I deem to be utterly unimportant,” the Sibiu mayor said. PSD Bucharest leader Marian Vanghelie also dismissed talks on the subject yesterday, saying once again that the Romanian society is not ready to accept such a topic. “About these things, and we all know they are practices in developed countries, I think the Romanian society is not yet prepared to accept such a topic,” Vanghelie said, warning that anybody risks to become “laughable” if they approach such issues.

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