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May 24, 2022

Radu Stroe wants parliamentary defence committees to merge

PNL Secretary-General and freshly-elected Deputy Radu Stroe yesterday proposed the modification of the national security legislation to merge the parliamentary defence committees with the two committees for the respective oversight of domestic and foreign intelligence agencies (SIE and SRI) the intended result being a single parliamentary committee of relevance to all activities in the area. ‘We suggest a single committee of the Parliament to deal with all public order and national security, instead of two distinct defence committees, one that oversees SRI, one that oversees SIE, and so fort. There has to be a single committee because this sort of work requires a range of essential things for the defence of civil rights and freedoms’ Stroe explained.

In the opinion of the PNL Deputy, it is an essential thing to have a single defence committee in Parliament.

Asked if the idea of setting up a single such committee was his own or he had the support of the party, Radu Stroe said PNL ‘was in favour of his idea, in principle’, but that a decision would have to be made in he party.

Yesterday, Liberal Radu Stroe received from the Electoral Bureau the certificate attesting that he had won his seat in the Chamber of Deputies in the January 17 election held in the single member electoral district of constituency number 42 Bucharest.

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