Sweden’s Ambassador: Romania’s efforts to fulfill EU commitments, affected by political crisis

Mats Aberg, Sweden’s ambassador to Bucharest, has stated for Mediafax that a part of Romania’s efforts to fulfill its EU commitments were affected by the political crisis last year. Asked whether his work as an Ambassador was affected by the political crisis at the end of 2009, the Ambassador answered affirmatively. However he nuanced his position, stating that the Romanian authorities have offered real support for Sweden’s EU Presidency in the second half of last year. ‘I met several interim Ministers. For example, I met Catalin Predoiu, and I am able to say he is a very good and very cooperative person,’ the Ambassador explained. ‘On the other hand there were Councils (of the EU – editor’s note) whose meetings were attended by interim Ministers or in other cases by secretaries of state that filled in for them. Nevertheless, I believe that from the EU’s point of view this crisis was professionally handled by the Romanian side. Meaning they did what they could do. Of course, in such a situation one cannot assume long-term commitments. It wasn’t that bad in what our relations are concerned,’ he added.

In what concerns the political crisis’s possible impact on Romania’s EU commitments, Aberg mentions as a negative example the fact that the Parliament was unable to function. ‘Not all efforts were affected, only a large part of them,’ Aberg stated. ‘I don’t know whether one can talk about a setback, but it is absolutely obvious that the Parliament was unable to function normally and that was not very good. But, on the other hand, there are various degrees of infirmity and in this case we saw an infirmity that lasted three months, from October until Christmas. So things shouldn’t be blown out of proportion. Now it’s over so let’s move on,’ he added.

Mats Aberg stated that he has not met many of the Romanian Government members yet, being aware that they need time in order to organize their Ministries. ‘I haven’t met a lot of Ministers until now. They are in the process of organizing their Ministries. I have met several secretaries of state, something like that. I believe we have to let them finish their work and then to start working. I mean it seems a matter of respecting their time,’ the Ambassador explained.

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