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September 20, 2021

IMF to check deficits in key-companies

The IMF will include in the program with Romania targets regarding the control of deficits in some state owned key-companies, the head of IMF’s mission for the evaluation of the stand-by accord, Jeffrey Franks announced. “As you know, the program has provisions aimed at achieving a better monitoring and control over these companies, and in the following program we will set targets for the control of deficits in certain key-companies,” Franks said, quoted by Mediafax, after a meeting with Romanian authorities. On the other hand, the IMF and the EC agreed with the Finance Ministry over the content of the draft laws on pensions and fiscal responsibility, also making a calendar for enforcing the two laws. “We must move fast with the two laws,” Franks added. After the meeting with PM Emil Boc, the IMF official explained that important progress has been made in the talks with Romanian authorities and measures were agreed to improve the efficiency of economic activity in nine sectors. “In the meeting with the Prime Minister, we agreed over a program for enforcing the laws of pensions and fiscal responsibility. We also agreed over what these acts should provide, so that Romania can receive the3 two tranches from the IMF,” Franks explained.

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