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August 1, 2021

Emil Boc: Gutau to be expelled from PDL

“Quite sadly,” PDL president Emil Boc spoke on Wednesday evening, in a talk-show on B1TV, about his party colleague, Mircia Gutau who was sentenced to three years in prison. In spite of his sadness, Emil Boc admitted that, according to a provision of PDL Statute, in his capacity as “sentenced person,” Gutau will be excluded from the party. “I must be cool-headed and clear-minded at the same time. As a man, in your soul, you are obviously displeased to hear that a colleague of yours has a problem with the criminal law. Constitution says that until a court decision of condemnation remains final, the person is considered not-guilty. Thus, until today, the mayor of the city of Ramnicu-Valcea legally was not guilty. Today, if it is so, but I don’t have all the data, except what I have seen on TV, it is a final sentence. In your heart, being your colleague, you can only be sad that such things happen…,” Emil Boc said in a B1TV talk-show.

Mircia Gutau, mayor of Ramnicu-Valcea, and Nicolae Dicu, vice mayor of the same city, arrested in 2006 by DNA, were definitely sentenced on Wednesday to serving three and a half years in prison by the High Court of Appeals and Justice. Mayor Mircia Gutau was sentenced for bribe taking, and Nicolae Dicu for complicity to bribe taking.

Gutau turned himself in at IPJ Valcea offices, on the night of Wednesday to Thursday, returning from his way to Suceava County, where he was expected at the burial of his brother, while the former vice mayor Dicolae Dicu was picked up by police officers from home. Yesterday, Mircia Gutau’ lawyer filed a contestation in annulment against the sentence formulated by ICCJ in the case of Ramnicu-Valcea mayor, and of the former vice mayor Nicolae Dicu, and also a request to defer the service of the punishment.

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