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March 25, 2023

UDMR ups the ante in negotiations with PDL

One of UDMR’s demands, blocked for the last three years, has been placed once again on the table of the negotiations that took place within the Coalition this week. The famous statute of minorities now has chances to be adopted in Parliament.

Adopting the statute of minorities until June is the new demand that UDMR expects to be met by its governing partners, ‘Gandul’ daily writes. According to inside sources, during the last Coalition meeting PDL was forced to accept UDMR’s demand, a demand that had been negotiated before the government was formed. Thus, the Government will now ask the Parliament to finalize, during its next session, the legislative procedures needed to approve the draft law, a draft law that had been blocked in the stage of debates for almost three years. The statute of minorities is part of the demands that UDMR had early this year, demands that also had to do with obtaining leadership offices at local and central levels.

UDMR leader Verestoy Attila, one of the party’s permanent negotiators, claims that the most important thing UDMR managed to do in the last 20 years was ‘to change the mentality’ in Romania.

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