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May 17, 2021

Clinton: Romania, R. of Moldova disputes are reason of concern for European security

The border disputes between Romania and the Republic of Moldova and the continued Russian presence in Moldovan territories are reasons of concern as regards European security, US Secretary of State Hillary Clinton said in an interview to Voice of America.

“Moldova is struggling to consolidate democracy to improve its economy, it is eligible for Millennium Challenge compact because it is still a poor country in need of a lot of help. Certainly the border disputes with Romania, the continuance of Russian troops on Moldovan territory are matters of concern. But we want to assist Moldova in improving the lives of its people and hopefully over time the problems that it faces can be addressed,” Clinton said.

Last week in Washington D.C., Republic of Moldova Prime Minister Vlad Filat and US Secretary of State Hillary Clinton signed the Millennium Challenge Corporation accord, under which Moldova will receive non-refundable financial support worth USD 262 M from the United States. The money will help improve infrastructure, also various agriculture programmes. In the interview, Clinton praised Chisinau democratic changes and said the US want Moldova to be part of the Euro-Atlantic alliance.

Her comments came after a two-day visit by President Traian Basescu in Moldova. During his talks with Moldovan officials, Basescu reconfirmed Romania’s support for Chisinau’s European Union accession efforts and pledged EUR 100 M non-refundable support over the next four years. Basescu also underlined that in spite of past disputes, Romania will never try to endanger R. of Moldova’s territorial integrity and sovereignty and will never accept any treaty that might change its neighbour’s borders.

Meanwhile, Moldova’s former communist president Vladimir Voronin launched a new attack on Romania, saying that the country was not ready to join the European Union, but was accepted only because it accepted to host two US military bases. “A mandatory requirement of the EU is that the applicant country has solved all its border problems with its neighbours. Romania was not ready to join, since it does not have a border treaty with the Republic of Moldova. So why was it accepted in the EU?” Voronin said in an interview to Moldovan TV station NIT, quoted by Realitatea TV.

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