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September 28, 2020

Largest retrocession in Romania: Ten pc of Buzau County

The local Court in Buzau County has decided to return the largest inheritance in Romania. The decision is not final. Teodor Nastase, a descendent of Wallachian boyars that were part of the Preda Buzescu family, is the new owner of the Buzaului Mountains that total 63,000 hectares of forests and represent 10 per cent of Buzau County, ‘Gandul’ daily informs.

With the help of a genealogical tree, Teodor Nastase (veterinary doctor and former owner of the Rusetu horse farm) is close to becoming the owner of almost all the forests of the Buzaului Mountains, a total of 63,000 hectares of forest. The ruling issued by the Patarlagele court is not yet final, being open to appeals. The court’s decision is novel, with this being the first time when a Romanian court returns such a large wealth.

The court’s argument in favor of the decision looks more like a genealogical study, starting from the Mavrocordat Charter of 1723 and using several old documents that the claimant’s lawyer claims were found within the Buzau State Archives. The decision argues that claimant Teodor Nastase is the heir of Toma Craciun Lupu and Lisaveta Nastase. In turn, the two were the heirs of Sandu Buzescu and Craciun Carstienescu, who owned the Buzau Mountains according to the 1723 Charter.

If the court decision remains final and irrevocable, it would be almost impossible to apply it since most of the lands already belong to other persons, both physical and juridical ones (the Romanian Academy owns significant plots of land in the area). Moreover, some of the forests belong to the state, and there are also two national parks – Siriu and Penteleu.

‘It is impossible to apply the decision because a series of ownership titles have been issued on the basis of Law 18/1991 and Law 247. All those titles were issued on the basis of legal documents. The decision however is not irrevocable and we will appeal against it. We are still involved in the trial and for that reason I cannot give you more details. I am primarily interested in defending the state’s forests and the locals’ interests. I want to tell you that there is a state of tension among the locals in the northern part of the County. The court’s ruling was in favor of a physical person but also of a juridical one, the latter buying the litigation rights for EUR 2,380,000. I am talking about SC Expres Invest SRL. Moreover, based on another final and irrevocable ruling, 18,000 hectares that are part of the area that should be returned to Preda Buzescu’s heir already belong to the Romanian Academy,’ Paul Beganu, the Prefect of Buzau County, stated for ‘Gandul’ daily.

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