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May 9, 2021

Romania’s policy in respect to R. of Moldova scares the British

The policy of Romania – R. of Moldova rapprochement announced by Romanian President Traian Basescu during a visit to Chisinau makes the British worry, fearful of a new wave of immigration from Eastern Europe, this time represented by Moldovans who will be granted Romanian citizenship, the Daily Express relates. ‘Tens of thousands of citizens from Moldova – Europe’s poorest country – will soon be granted rights to live and work in the UK and other EU states as part of a controversial Bucharest policy offering Romanian citizenship,’ the Daily Express reads. Romanian President Traian Basescu reaffirmed his earlier pledge to offer EU rights to Moldovans, due to historical links, during a state visit to the impoverished former Soviet state last week. He announced the creation of a new citizenship agency to fast-track the one million applications the Romanian government has already received to go alongside a new nationality law granting citizenship in just five months.

Basescu said: ‘On Friday, the government will issue an emergency decree to set up a special Nationality Agency granting Romanian citizenship to former citizens.’ Moldovans will not need a visa to live or work in Romania and will be free to travel to richer states such as the UK’ the Daily Express comments.

Sir Andrew Green of MigrationWatch UK described the Romanian policy as “outrageous” saying “it’s high time the EU addressed the issue of who is entitled to an EU passport. The Romanians, Greeks, Spanish and Italians all seem to dish out passports to a wide range of people with historical, often tenuous, connections to their countries.”

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