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June 26, 2022

US consultant: Local media has not yet adjusted to new trends

US media consultant Mario Garcia, also known as the ‘newspaper doctor’ said yesterday in a debate at the American Cultural Centre that the written press will not die if it quickly adjusts to new technologies and young readers, who require a new way of receiving information.

“I cannot speak of funerals for the written press. If we continue to complain, the written press will die. On the contrary, if we continue to write adjusting our products to the new, then it will go on living,” Garcia said. The debate, called “Future of written press and the written press versus online media,” was organized by the US Embassy. Talking about how the written press can get through the economic crisis, Garcia underlined that the online media has radically changed journalism. He underlined however that no media can kill another and that neither televisions nor radios will be able to destroy the written press. Adding that he does not yet have a full picture of the Romanian press, Garcia said that in his opinion, the local media “has not yet adjusted to new trends, new image challenges, how the story is told.”

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