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January 21, 2022

Survey: Today’s youngsters – more intolerant, individualistic and disappointed

Young people between 15 and 20 years old are more disappointed with what society and its values have to offer, more individualistic and less willing to assume social responsibility, more radical and intolerant, according to a survey run by GfK Romania.

The survey, conducted in Bucharest at the end of 2009, has the purpose of putting together a portrait of today’s young generation, the so-called ‘Converse’ generation of trend-setters, according to a press release from GfK. The results of the survey were compared to a similar poll run by the company in 2005. The survey shows that young people between 15-20 years old in Romania are very sensitive about how they are perceived by those around them, especially by those in the same group they hang out with, wishing to impose their personality and stand out. “The eternal generation gap remains valid. They want to be taken into consideration by the grown-ups, they want to be listened to and valued, even admired, for their ideas and actions. The 15-20 year olds of 2009 have confidence in their own strength and question all the norms of the society, wishing to go through new experiences and testing everything themselves,” GfK Romania qualitative research manager Oana Mirila said.

To the young generation, exterior aspect is also very important. Their well-being depends greatly on how they look – from clothing to haircut and other accessories, and they have no hesitation or regret to spend a lot of money on their appearance, the survey shows.

‘Converse’ generation representatives see technology as something mandatory in our times and their most important landmarks are the mobile phone, mp3 player and PC with Internet access. “Technology is a statute indicator and facilitates a certain lifestyle. The more technology you have, the more activities, information you can access and do things that make you visible,” Mirila added.

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