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August 4, 2021

Constitution revision plan

PSD proposals regarding the constitutional reform refer, according to a document presented yesterday in the National Council, to the loss of the mandate by the MPs who resign from the parties on whose behalf they run, the dismissal of a minister through simple motion and the clarification of president’s rights.

PSD Vice-president Victor Ponta presented to the members of the National Council a document entitled “Landmarks for a new revision of Constitution and the improvement of the electoral system,” about which he said that it is “an appeal to the Council, the congress, the candidates, to not forget that the fight for modification of the Constitution and for the future political and constitutional system is a fight that they cannot fail.” He stressed PSD will have to be very clear when it voices its opinion regarding the “future of parliament and parliamentarianism in Romania.”

“We must analyze clearly which parliamentarian system is better for us, as a country, and for us as a party. In the future Constitution, we must see if the fundamental rights can be better guaranteed and protected,” Ponta added.

About the role of President, the Social-Democrat cautioned that PSD must discuss about the immunity of the Romanian President and the abuse of power that he makes through the exercise of some rights outside Constitution. Another important proposal of PSD is the strengthening of parliamentarian control over Government through extension of the simple motions’ effects through which a minister can be dismissed.

He concluded that the Social-Democrats must have “a sound and very clear participation in the debate for the constitutional future of Romania,” starting from the provisions and obligations of Romania according to the Lisbon Treaty.

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