End of investigation into Marian Cozma case, Raffael Sandor charged with murder

The investigation into the murder of Romanian handball player Marian Cozma has ended almost a year after his death. The general inspector of the Veszprem Police has revealed yesterday the result of the investigation into the murder of former Romanian handball player Marian Cozma. Almost a year after the investigation started, the authorities have confirmed the allegations of the Hungarian press: Raffael Sandor is the person that mortally stabbed Cozma three times in the heart on February 8, 2009, outside the ‘Patriot’ club in Veszprem, the Hungarian press informs.

According to the Hungarian press (which quotes the statements of lawyer Karamas Gabor), Raffael Sandor (Gabor’s client) was the main suspect in this case. N. Gyozo, another suspect, stated for the Hungarian journalists that only one person stabbed the Romanian player who died from his serious wounds shortly after the incident.

‘They killed my diamond and they will pay for this. These criminals should rot behind bars for what they did and for being so cowardly that 20 of them jumped on my child to kill him. The assassins are in jail, that’s where they’ll remain. I am convinced that this was not a coincidence; someone ordered them to kill Marian. I want to see that person behind bars,’ Marian’s father Petre Cozma stated. Cozma, who was 26, was playing for Hungary’s MKS Veszprem and for the Romanian national handball team. At the end of January 2009 Marian announced that he had decided to no longer play for the national team after head coach Aihan Omer had used him only briefly during the World Cup.

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