One in two Romanians believes the crisis brought higher prices

About one in two Romanians believes prices for food and non-food goods rose during the crisis, over 40 pc consider they remained unchanged, while 46 pc noticed more promotions, finds a survey by Mercury Research, quoted by Mediafax. The survey, made at the end of last October on 780 subjects, focused on how Romanians aged over 18 perceived the measures taken by consumer companies during the economic downturn, compared to the previous period.

Thus, 49 pc of subjects saw food prices on the increase, while 44 pc noticed the same trend for non-food products. In addition, 43 pc consider that food prices remained unchanged during the crisis, while 7 pc think prices actually went down. For the non-food category, 45 pc of subjects said prices held steady and 12 pc said they decreased. On the other hand, consumers believe the recession brought more promotions, special offers, tombolas and contests associated with food and non-food products. More precisely, 46 pc of Romanians noticed an increased number of promotions for food goods, and 40 pc said the same thing about non-food products.

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