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May 15, 2021

International media: Better solution for both US and Russia

International news agencies and newspapers this weekend thoroughly covered the issue of the US missile shield elements to be set up in Romania, noting that the plan is a better solution for both Washington and Moscow. Most experts quoted by foreign publications said the plan will cost the US less than the initial missile shield that was to be set up in Poland and the Czech Republic. Moreover, Russia is likely to be less bothered by the presence of such a system in Romania than in Poland, according to analysts and even Russian experts quoted by the press.

Military analyst Pavel Felgenhauer told Al-Jazeera that Russia was afraid that missiles in Poland might be used to attack it at a certain point. “The missiles that will be set up in Romania will have a shorter range and Romania is further away from Moscow than Poland,” he said.

Another Russian military expert quoted by the New York Times underlined that even Moscow tried to convince the United States some time ago that it would be better to install shield elements in Romania or Bulgaria. According to United Press International, US President Barack Obama’s new shield is actually an attempt to allay Russian concerns. The vice president of the Russian academy for geo-political issues, Vladimir Antohin, also said that the Romanian plan does not pose any direct threat to Moscow and underlined that Russia has no intention to attack Romania.

‘Financial Times’ also notes that it will be cheaper for the US to set up elements of the shield in Romania, as compared to the previous Bush-era plan. The US administration has asked USD 8.4 bln in next year’s budget to cover for defence programmes that cover regions beyond Europe and a higher cooperation with Gulf states, the publication said.

Iran: US using disinformation

Iran media slammed the US plan, saying that Washington has begun stepping up its anti-Iran propaganda to justify its decision to deploy the missile shield.

“Washington’s latest disinformation campaign about the alleged threat from Iran’s advanced missile technology is being implemented to demonize Iran, even though the Islamic Republic has never threatened its neighbours and Iran’s military technology is clearly only being developed to ensure the country can defend itself against any potential enemies,” Press TV wrote. Washington says the shield is designed to push off possible attacks from Iran, which the West believes is trying to develop nuclear bombs. Tehran rejects the claims, but yesterday, the country announced it was stepping up the production of higher-grade nuclear reactor fuel.

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