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Marian Cozma
at Veszprem

Thousands of persons from the Magyar city of Veszprem attended on Saturday the unveiling of a monument dedicated to the memory of the international handball player Marian Cozma, murdered there a year ago, Mediafax reports. The bronze bust of the athlete was located in front of Veszprem Arena from the city, being unveiled by Mayor Janos Debreczenyi and other sports leaders. Marian Cozma was mortally stabbed, on February 8, 2009, at Patriota restaurant from Veszpres, further to a conflict with several Roma persons. The Hungarian police finalized the investigation, announcing publicly that guilty of the murder of the Romanian is Raffael Sandor, who may be sentenced to life prison. Other two accomplices may take 15 to 20 years in prison. Cozma will be commemorated on Monday also at Sfantu Gheorghe.

Fencing: Rares Dumitrescu winner
at Budapest

Romanian fencer Rares Dumitrescu won on Saturday the international sword tournament from Budapest, “Gerevich-Kovacs-Karpati Cup,” defeating in the final the South Korean Bon Gil Gu by the score of 15-12. Before he arrived in the final, Rares Dumitrescu eliminated successively the Canadian Max Stearns (15-13), the Venezuelan Hernan Jansen (17-7), the South Koreans Seok Eun Oh (15-13), Hwan Jung Kim (15-8), and in the semifinals the Hungarian Nikolasz Iliasz 915-12). Another Romanian fencer, Florin Zalomir, ranked 3, being defeated in the semifinals by the South Korean Bon Gil Gu by 15-14.

National delegation has left for Vancouver

The Romanian delegation for the Winter Olympic Games left on Friday morning to Vancouver. The delegation which goes to Canada includes 28 athletes, 15 coaches and 5 officials, three athletes more than in the previous edition from Turin. Head of the mission is Alexandru Epuran. The Romanian athletes compete in the following events: biathlon, alpine ski, cross-country ski, bobsleigh, sledge, skating, skeleton and short-track. At the edition from 2006 held in Turin, when 25 Romanian athletes participated, the best performances were obtained by Gheorghe Chiper (figure skating) – place 14; women 4×6 relay biathlon (Dana Plotogea, Eva Tofalvi, Mihaela Purdea, Alexandra Rusu) – place 14, and double men sledge (Radu Teodoru, Marian Lazarescu) – place 15

Rugby: Romanian-Spain match postponed because of weather

The match between the rugby teams of Romania and Spain, scheduled for last Saturday on Arcul de Triumf stadium from Bucharest, in the European Nations Cup, was rescheduled for March 27, because of the frozen field, the Rugby Federation reports. FRR informs that although it was considered to hold the match on the synthetic field from Izvorani, the final decision was to reschedule the match. The frozen field would have endangered the physical integrity of the players. The supporters who acquired tickets for this game can go to Romania-Germany match on February 13, also in the European Nations Cup.

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Number of obese children doubles in 7 years

Health Minister Cseke Attila told a press conference in Zalau on Saturday that in the last seven years, the number of obese children has doubled in Romania and that half of the adult population has weight problems. Therefore, a list of unhealthy foods is welcome, he said.

“I am glad that the issue of healthy/unhealthy foods has been debated in Romania for a month’s time. In the last seven years the number of obese children has doubled and half of the adults have weight problems. Men more than women, with 56 per cent of them having weight problems. We have to remedy this situation so a list of unhealthy foods is welcome,” Cseke said. The minister also said things are more serious when it comes to children since they cannot decide what is right and what is harmful for their health.

Almost 1,200 criminal groups dismantled in 2009

Criminal investigation officers last year dismantled a total of 1,175 criminal groups with over 4,300 members, most of them dealing with robbery, blackmail, theft, fraud or pandering, the Romanian General Police Inspectorate (IGPR) said yesterday. According to the same source, officers initially dismantled 357 gangs with 1,690 members. These people were investigated for different offences, and further to the investigation, officers annihilated another 818 gangs “set up spontaneously,” with another 2,667 members.

The Romanian police underlined that it has paid “important attention” to criminal groups which generate street conflicts.

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People killed and injured by fire and carbon monoxide poisoning

Six people were injured in a blast in a building in Cluj-Napoca Friday night. The fire destroyed the building completely and affected neighbouring homes. According to Mediafax, three of the six victims were taken to hospital. The destroyed building was a restaurant that was closed at the time of the incident. E.On Gaz teams checked the street gas distribution network in the area of the building hit by explosion but found no leaks.

Another fire preceded by an explosion occurred in the Dambovita commune of Gura Ocnitei on Saturday. A 70-year-old died in the fire that caught his entire home. The firemen intervened with two fire engines trying to prevent the flames from spreading to the nearby houses and to an oil well.

A carriage of the slow passenger train covering the Bucharest-Titu-Targoviste route caught fire yesterday morning. Two passengers inhaled smoke so they had to be taken to hospital in Titu. Nine other people staying at a guest house in Gearmata Mare, Timis County, also ended up in hospital in Timisoara with carbon monoxide poisoning Saturday afternoon. The nine victims fainted during a religious wedding ceremony at the local church. The cause was a defective central heating boiler.

Five witches undo the violet flame curse

Five withes started a ritual that will take nine days and two nights, in Cluj-Napoca, Friday night, in order to undo the curse of the violet flame they claim is hurting the Romanian Parliament. The witches coming from Cluj, Buftea and Bucharest say they will perform rituals both on the bank of the River Somes and in the forest and graveyard in the Baciu commune. According to Mediafax, the witches are gathered in a room in an apartment in Cluj-Napoca, sitting in a semicircle on a violet cloth and doing incantations over a tin kettle in which a fire is burning. They rotate a sea shell or a wooden stick above the fire, with a same colour veil on their heads, saying an invocation each.

‘Drive away the evil from the Romanian Government, my the country remain free of spells and curses, may the Government remain clean, enlightened, may we all receive good news from the Government (…).’

Bus driver facing
dismissal after hitting passenger

A bus driver working for the Bucharest Public Transport Company (RATB) has been suspended from office and is under disciplinary investigation after a video showing him hitting a passenger and then abandoning him on the side of the road have been shown on Realitatea TV. The driver in the video has been identified and has been suspended pending internal investigation. I cannot disclose his identity, all I can share are his initials: N.M. He is 38 and is under disciplinary investigation’ RATB Spokesman Mihai Vladarau told Mediafax on Saturday. He also said that, if the footage is found to be authentic, the bus driver might be fired by the management.

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Up to 30 pc tax evasion in Tourism

Elena Udrea, minister of regional development and tourism, declared on Saturday at Suceava that the tax evasion in tourism sector is major and hurts especially the rural and tourism catering, according to Mediafax. Answering a question regarding national statistics which point to a fall of the number of tourists registered last year in the country, Udrea also said that such data can be distorted by tax evasion. She pointed out that the ministry will try to work out its own statistics explaining that there are proofs that the number of tourists was big in 2009, giving the examples of the seashore and Bucovina, and also added that the Austrian authorities reported a bigger number of Austrian tourists who came to Romania than the INS data. Asked which is the size of this evasion, the minister said that it is “a big percentage” especially in agro-tourism and in tourism catering, restaurants. “Some say that it can be even 30 per cent,” Udrea said referring to the percentage of tax evasion in tourism.

Carpatair offers discounts
on Valentine’s Day

The air company Carpatair launches, on the occasion of Valentine’s Day, a promotional programme through which the clients can benefit from transport and accommodation at preferential prices for four Romanian and three foreign destinations. The sales period for this promotion is February 3-February 16, while the traveling period is February 12-16. The clients can acquire the plane tickets and then request the reservation at the hotels established in this offer at special prices. Within this promotion, the tariffs for the plane ticket begin at EUR 35 plus airport taxes (one way), and the accommodation from EUR 35 per night. The total tariff of a package for a weekend in the country, in any of the four destinations (Constanta, Iasi, Timisoara, Sibiu) starts from EUR 70 plus airport taxes per person. For the three destinations abroad (Chisinau, Odessa, Lviv) the tariffs start at EUR 105 plus airport taxes per person.

Resourcehouse lands USD 60 bn deal to sell coal to China

Australia’s Resourcehouse said on Saturday it had secured a deal worth USD 60 billion to supply coal to Chinese power stations over a 20-year period, calling it Australia’s largest ever export contract. Company Chairman Clive Palmer said that coal mined in Queensland state from a major new project would be sold to China Power International Development Limited, a unit of China Power Investment Corporation (CPI). “This deal with CPI is Australia’s biggest ever export contract,” Palmer said in a statement. Executive Director Phil McNamara, who helped broker the deal, said the contract with CPI was to supply 30 million tonnes annually over 20 years, with an approximate value of USD three billion per year. The announcement comes ahead of an expected IPO in Hong Kong in March which is thought likely to raise up to USD three billion for Resourcehouse.

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Dan Voiculescu had
political police activity

“Felix” source entered on Friday the Justice annals: the magistrates decided that Conservatory Party honorary president, Senator Dan Voiculescu had activities of political police. Bucharest Court of Appeal formalized the connections of Dan Voiculescu with the former Securitate and established his quality of collaborator. Thus, after a week of deliberations, the judges from Bucharest Court of Appeal rendered justice to the National Council for the Study of Securitate Archives (CNSAS) in Dan Voiculescu case. The court turned down as ungrounded the contestation formulated by Voiculescu against CNSAS’ verdict from August 2006. At that time, the Council had established that Dan Voiculescu, under the code name of Felix, had denounced to Securitate not only his colleagues, but also his own family. Actually, the judges admitted also the requests of intervention filed during the lawsuit by the members of Dan Voiculescu’s family denounced to Securitate. The Decision of Bucharest Court of Appeal is not final, it can be contested with the High Court. In a press release remitted on Friday to Mediafax, Dan Voiculescu states that “the truth will be restored by the High Court of Appeals and Justice” and blames the unfavourable ruling on “a political group with unique conductor.’

Predoiu: Supreme Court should only try
senior officials

Justice Minister Catalin Predoiu Saturday advanced the notion of the judicial system being changed in the sense the Supreme Court only holding jurisdiction over top dignitaries, with the rest of cases to be heard by lower courts. What the minister said actually was, the appellate courts should take charge of cases, although the laws likely to be amended should not lead to the cases pending in the High Court of Cassation and Justice being transferred, but judged by the court. While on a public television show, Predoiu said that beginning Monday he will travel across the country for talks with local magistrates in order to have them understand the ‘judicial system amendment process’ in the context of the imminent passage of the Codes of civil and criminal procedures and the coming into effect of all the four new codes, somewhere in 2011.

UDMR members to run Financial Oversight Board, TAROM and National Archives

Premier Emil Boc named former Alba County prefect and Democratic Union of Hungarians in Romania (UDMR) member Arpad Ladanyi as general commissary of the Financial Oversight Board. He succeeds Sorin Florea, according to Mediafax. The UDMR leadership picked Gombos Csaba as general director of Romania’s national airline Tarom, which is 96.7 per cent owned by the Transport Ministry, with SIF Muntenia, Bucharest Otopeni Airport National Company and ROMATSA also holding stock in the carrier. Nagy Mihaly, also with UDMR, is the new general director of Romania’s National Archives. Nagy Joszef, another UDMR member, is the new president of the National Environmental Protection Agency. The UDMR Standing Council also appointed Incze Zoltan as general director of the National Land Amelioration Agency, Kocsis Andras as general director of the National Agency for Amelioration and Reproduction in the Cattle-growing Sector, and Kovasznai Sandor as general director of the National office of Romanian Traditional and Ecological Products.

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