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February 5, 2023


Fencing: Romania wins gold in Budapest

Romania’s saber team (Rares Dumitrescu, Florin Zalomir, Alexandru Sireteanu and Tiberiu Dolniceanu) has won on Sunday the international tournament in Budapest, a tournament counting for the team fencing World Cup, after defeating Italy in the final, score 45-42. In order to reach the final Romania defeated Ukraine (45-36), Spain (45-36) and Hungary (45-39). France and Hungary finished the tournament on third place.

Ice Hockey: Challenge Cup cancelled

The Lithuanian organizers of the Challenge Cup, a competition in which Romania was invited to take part alongside Hungary and one of Belarus’s clubs, have announced the canceling of the event after the main sponsor withdrew its support. ‘Unfortunately we missed the opportunity to play against important teams. It was an extremely, extremely important tournament; however the Lithuanian Federation officials have told us that they were left without a sponsor. That’s that, the economic crisis spares no one. We had to find a solution fast because the team needs to play. So we will play against Hungary and on Friday we will play against Ujpest club,’ Marius Gliga, the general secretary of the Romanian Ice Hockey Federation, stated.

Blackburn fan dies
during game

One of Blackburn’s fans has died during a Premiere League game in Stoke and a man was arrested after the circumstances of the incident were investigated, the British police announced. ‘A 30-year-old man died and there is an ongoing investigation into the circumstance of his death, with a 25-year-old man remaining behind bars in order to help the police,’ a spokesperson of the Staffordshire police stated.

The victim was found unconscious immediately after half time in one of the corridors of the stand that held 1,300 Blackburn Rovers fans that traveled to Stoke in order to back their team. Stoke defeated Blackburn, score 3-0.

Pele Junior following his father’s footsteps

Joshua Nascimento (13), one of the seven children of Edson Arantes do Nascimento ‘Pele,’ Brazil’s legendary football player, has worn for the first time the jersey of FC Santos while training with the junior team of the club where his famous father played for the first time, the South American press writes, being quoted by Agerpres. ‘My biggest dream is to play for Santos,’ Pele’s son stated for ‘O Globo’ daily. According to the Brazilian daily, Joshua plays as a striker and promises to follow in his father’s footsteps. Pele scored 1,284 goals in his career, being called by FIFA ‘the football player of the 20th Century’ after winning three world cup titles with Brazil.

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Doctor dies of suspected swine flu

Dr. Toth Istvan, 42, of Zalau, died at the Cluj County Hospital late last week of complications from suspected swine flue. The death of Dr. Toth, an infant surgery expert, is held as a great loss for the Romanian medical system. Yesterday’s ‘Adevarul’ daily newspaper reported the head of the Salaj Department of Public Health, Ligia Marincas, having said the doctor was admitted to the Salaj County Emergency Hospital with suspected A (H1N1) flu. ‘The doctor was diagnosed with a respiratory condition. Given he had suspected new flu, he was administered Tamiflu and when his health condition allowed his transportation, he was transferred to a hospital in Cluj, where he died Friday night into Saturday morning of medical complications from suspected new A H1N1 flu,’ Marincas, said, adding the exact cause of death will only be known after a coroner’s examination. Ms. Marincas also said the diagnosis was not confirmed while the patient was alive due to his medical complications. In 2009, the late surgeon held a medical seminar in Zalau, where ten boys of very small age from various Romanian counties underwent surgery for a rare disease called hypospadias.

Romanian arrested for jewellery theft in Belgium

A 22-year-old Romanian woman was arrested in a serial jewellery theft committed in several Belgium cities and his accomplice is still wanted by the authorities, ‘Le Vif/L’Express’ reports. The young woman was caught on Friday, having been pursued by the Tremonde Police. She is a suspect in several jewellery shop lifting cases in Anvers, Namur, Alost, Ypres and Saint-Nicolas, in August 2009. Investigators say that the woman and her accomplice would walk into jewellery shops asking to see unique pieces. When they had the pieces in their hands, they would distract the shop assistant and vanish with the jewellery. The case prosecutors say the damage is ‘considerable’. The suspects have allegedly committed similar offences in the past, as they have been identified when watching various recordings by store video cameras.

Agricultural equipment stolen from Italy found at Varsand check point

Border officers from Arad found at the end of the week two tractors which appear as stolen from Italy, and brought into the country through Varsand check point from Arad County, Mediafax reports. The “John Deere” agricultural equipments were loaded on a truck driven by a Romanian, Eusebiu P., aged 40, who brought them from Italy for a Romanian company. Having suspicions in connection with the documents, the officers proceeded to additional verifications and discovered that the serial numbers from the invoice which accompanied the commodity did not correspond to the numbers inscribed on the equipment. “The driver of the truck declared that after a ride to Italy he was contacted by an Italian citizen who proposed him to carry two agricultural equipments to Romania for EUR 1,800.

He also declared that the place of arrival of the equipments would be told him by phone,” declared the spokesman of Arad Border Police, commissioner Ion Mares. The two agricultural equipments were seized by the authorities until the finalization of the inquiry, the driver being investigated for concealment of stolen goods and use of forgery.

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BNR lends RON 3 bn
to commercial banks

The National Bank of Romania (BNR) yesterday did a repo operation injecting RON 3.09 bn into the inter-bank market at 7 per cent interest rate equal to the key-interest rate. Eight banks participated in the bid yesterday. The deposits are falling due in a week’s time. The central bank’s operation was carried out on the maturity date of the loans it had granted to commercial banks a week before, also via a repo operation.

Ilinca von Derenthall, new Bank Gutmann Director

Romania-born Ilinca von Derenthall ahs been appointed to the Board of Bank Gutmann Austria where she will be in charge of developing the bank’s business in Romania and new innovative product and service strategies, bank officials informed on Monday, according to Mediafax. An experienced banker and a certified financial analyst, von Derenthall, alongside Sepp Maier, will lead the International Private Banking Division of the organization.

New AAFB management

Raiffeisen Bank Chief-Economist Ionut Dumitru on Friday was elected as President of the Association of Financial and banking Analysts of Romania (AAFB), according to an association press release. The AAFB Vice-Presidents are Lucian Anghel, Bogdan Campianu, Nicolaie Alexandru Chidesciuc and Rozalia Pal.

MFP borrows RON 500 M by government securities

The Ministry of Public Finance (MFP) on Monday borrowed RON 500 M by selling treasury bills with a year’s maturity and the average yields dropped in the eight consecutive session to 7.48 per cent per year, a new minimum value since September 2007. Last week, MFP sold six-month securities at an average yield of 7.78 per cent per year. The value of the sold government securities was equal to the programmed biding level of RON 500 M.

New appointments at Popovici Nitu & Asociatii

Popovici Nitu & Asocia?ii has announced yesterday the appointment of two new partners – Ciprian Don?u and Alexandru Ambrozie, according to a press release. The new partners will head two of the Firm’s 15 practice groups. The law firms also announced that Ela Marin and Luana Dragomirescu have been appointed senior associates of the firm.

Third party motor
insurance value up 6.6 times in five years

The value insured by third party liability motor insurances has grown by 6.6 times to EUR 500,000 (2010) in the last five years, a trend that explains the higher premiums, UNSAR representative Cristian Constantinescu said yesterday, according to Mediafax.

The head of the National Union of Insurance and Re-Insurance Companies of Romania (UNSAR) also stated that, apart from higher car part prices, more expensive fees and higher frequency of accidents, the increasing of third party motor insurance prices had been also required by the structural changes of the national auto-fleet. Last week, in a press release, ASSAI Director Cristian Muntean accused the Insurance Overseeing Commission (CSA) of abusive rise of third party car insurance rates. He also claimed that the way in which CSA had overseeing the Romanian insurance market, in the context of the current economic crisis, led to the closing down of 17 per cent of privately-owned garages.

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Lazaroiu: Manolea was in the ‘enlarged’ campaign staff of Basescu

Presidential adviser Sebastian Lazaroiu states in an interview given to the daily ‘Gandul’ that he heard for the first time about the theory of the “violet flame” between the two rounds of the presidential elections, at the time of the negotiation of the debate between the two candidates for Thursday. Lazaroiu says that he was called by a leader from the PSD staff who mentioned him this theory. The adviser says that the story connected with the presence of the parapsychologist Aliodor Manolea in President Basescu’s team was “much amplified” by the media. He recognizes that Manolea was in the staff of Traian Basescu, but not in the “restricted nucleus,” he was in the “enlarged team” of 50-70 persons. Asked if the Head of State believes in parapsychology, Lazaroiu answered dryly: “I don’t know, we have never talked about it.”

Marko Bela: UDMR – PDL negotiations finalized

UDMR leader Marko Bela announced yesterday that the negotiations at national level between his formation and PDL, regarding the management posts from the governmental institutions, were practically finalized, adding that the persons designated to occupy such positions will be further announced in the coming period. “In most of the counties PDL and UDMR made understandings, so the coalition functions also in the territory. There are two or three counties left where the discussions continue. At national level, it is the same, with the subordinates we have practically finalized the negotiations,” Marko Bela declared yesterday for Agerpres. The Permanent Council of the Union has recently designated Nagy Mihaly to hold the office of general director of the National Archives of Romania, and Gombos Csaba for the office of general manager of TAROM company. The UDMR leader said that during the meeting of the coalition from Monday they discussed problems connected with “the need for a better correlation within the Legislative.”

Teodor Baconschi and Mario Cospito focus on Romanian-Italian cooperation

The Romanian Minister of Foreign Affairs, Teodor Baconschi, received yesterday the ambassador of Italy in Bucharest, for talks that also focused on organizing the Romanian-Italian government summit, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs informs. Baconschi and Cospito approached topics regarding the evolution of political relations within the framework of the consolidated strategic partnership between the two countries, with a focus on organizing the second edition of the Romanian-Italian inter-government Summit this year, moving forward the development of bilateral economic, cultural and social cooperation, and extending the collaboration upon matters of common interest within the European Union. According to the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, both sides reaffirmed their wish to intensify the diplomatic dialogue, and to identify new projects of bilateral and international cooperation.

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