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March 29, 2023

Ionut Negoita: Higher guarantee ceiling for the “First House” will make dwellings more expensive

The increase of the guarantee ceiling for the credits under the “First House” programme will conduct to more expensive dwellings, whose price has steadily fallen the last year, the owner of the group of firms Pro Confort, Ionut Negoita, estimates. “The idea to increase the guarantee ceiling will not bring anything good. The average sum for the trading of the dwellings lately was around EUR 50,000. If the ceiling rises, the dwelling prices will rise as well, because the developers who tried to cheapen the flats below EUR 60,000, in order to benefit from the “First House” programme, will raise the prices,” Negoita declared, quoted by Mediafax. On another hand, the representatives of the association of BCA makers declared on Tuesday that the extension of the “First House” programme is a measure beneficial for the relaunching of the real estate sector and the partial unblocking of the construction market and proposed to raise the guarantee ceiling from EUR 60,000 now to EUR 100,000.

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