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December 9, 2022

Bahaian case: the film of events

Slepac and Grigoras told investigators how they had cold-bloodedly murdered four people by Sergiu Bahaian’s order.

Sergiu Bahaian (47), arrested on charges of instigation to murder and economic fraud, seemingly was an extraordinarily cruel man whenever he sensed that anyone might endanger his ‘deals’.

Valentin Slepac and Adrian Grigoras, both suspected of having carried out Bahaian’s orders – have given depositions before the DIICOT Constanta prosecutors, describing how they had committed each murder they were charged with. The statements made by the two decided Sergiu Bahaian’s remand order passed by the Constanta court hearing the case, ‘Adevarul’ daily reported yesterday. Despite his attempts to denying all possible involvement with the ordered killings, Bahaian was remanded in custody awaiting trial on a charge of instigation to murder. Valentin Slepac and Adrian Grigoras are co-defenders, on suspicion of having executed Bahaian’s killing orders. In fact, the two gave horrifying details on how the front-men Lucian Cernat, Emilian Leonte, Ionel Ulezu and Petrica Captalan had been murdered.

Godfather Bahaian’s threats

Valeriu Slepac said that, at the beginning of 2005, Sergiu Bahaian had defrauded him by RON 16,000. Subsequently, the two of them made peace because Slepac was hoping to get his money back, according to his own statements. In the meantime, Bahaian became Slepac’s child godfather, which, however, did not prevent him from making threats. ‘Bahaian Sergiu told me very clearly that either I was to disappear, meaning by getting killed, or I was to kill Cernat Lucian,’ Slepac said.

“After a short while, in January or February 2008, Bahaian told me his deal with Leonte Emilian had fallen through and suggested that he was supposed to dye, too, saying something like ‘Leonte needs to follow Cernat.’ I understood that Bahaian wanted me to kill Leonte as well’ Slepac said, while describing for the authorities how another one of Bahaian’s victims had found his death. ‘He threatened me that he was going to take and keep my child until he knew for sure that Leone was dead.”

Slepac mentioned that he had executed Petrica Captalan in the same way, by order of Bahaian.

Businessman Sergiu Bahaian refused a confrontation with Valentin Slepac and Adrian Grigoras – his alleged accomplices in a minimum of four killings.

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