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August 17, 2022

Cartel Alfa threaten with protests in March, general strike in May

“Cartel Alfa” announced that it could picket prefectures between March 1 and 15, a meeting being organized in Bucharest during April 15 and 30 and will launch the general strike, the unionists being unhappy with the announced layoffs and the diminution of the salary revenues. According to Mediafax, “Cartel Alfa” leader, Bogdan Hossu, declared yesterday in a press conference that a joint plan of demands and of protests until May has been established, the state employees affiliated to the unionist confederation being discontent with the normative acts issued by the Government lately in connection with the layoffs and the reduction of the revenues. Until the general strike in May, the unionists threaten to picket the offices of the prefectures during March 1-15, to protest in front of the offices of the ministries, main credit officers, during March 15-30 and to organize meetings in counties between March 1-April 15, and a meeting in Bucharest during April 15-30.

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