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June 13, 2021

Islamic Republic of Iran – Revolution and evolution

H.E. Hamid Reza Arshadi, Ambassador of the Islamic Republic of Iran to Bucharest

“Iran has a history of almost 7,000 years, being an ancient and unique civilization rich in special achievements for which the Iranian people are extremely proud. The Iranian nation, although made up of diverse ethnic and cultural groups, has as defining traits the aspiration towards peace and tranquility, the passion for science, the love for God, the sense of justice and the fight against oppression. These were the principles that guided, under the leadership of Imam Khomeini, the February 1979 revolution that toppled, after years of struggle, the Pahlavi dynasty, thus ending the more than 2,500 years of monarchical regime and installing, following the free vote cast by 99.8 per cent of the population, the Islamic republic system. From the list of achievements that have insured the establishment of the people’s supremacy in the last three decades I take great joy in mentioning the successful Presidential elections that took place last June and in which a record 85 per cent of the electorate took part, a phenomenon that is unprecedented in the last century. Any analyst can easily note the success that these elections registered on all social and political levels.

Despite the difficulties and obstacles that it had to surpass in order to reach the apex of science and technology, the Islamic Republic of Iran has registered remarkable successes in recent years in the following domains: aerospace science and technology, construction of space satellites, nanotechnology, biotechnology, stem cells, microelectronics, the use of new forms of energy, information technology, medicine, the development of latest generation of drugs, international science Olympiads and the publishing of articles at international academic levels. Currently we are applying numerous national-level projects in the industrial, scientific, medical, aerospace, nuclear energy and modern technology sectors, projects that will change the future.

The Islamic Republic of Iran has registered special successes in the domain of nuclear energy for civilian purposes and has developed, in compliance with the IAEA regulations and based on its Statute, nuclear technologies with exclusively civilian purposes, meant to serve peace and the prosperity of all nations. We are ready to put at the disposal of the other members of the IAEA our own achievements in the nuclear technology domain.

The Islamic Republic of Iran has always respected the good neighborliness principle, while at the same focusing on developing bilateral, regional and international relations with its neighbors and with other states. History stands as proof of this behaviour that Iran and the Iranian nation has towards other nations.

The Islamic Republic of Iran is one of the countries that enjoy traditional, historical relations with Romania and we hope that in the future we will witness the development of political, economic, commercial and cultural relations through the use of the special potential that the two states have. The history of relations between the two countries proves that there are very good opportunities for collaboration. On the other hand, Tehran and Bucharest could enhance, through cooperation, their potential and capabilities in various regions of the world, such as the Balkans, Central Asia and the Middle East.

In conclusion, I pray to God for the Islamic Republic of Iran’s and Romania’s success in developing friendly relations, as well as for the prosperity and happiness of the two nations.”

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