Matilda, the pilot who rescues lives

In only 48 hours, four pregnant women and three diseased children were taken out of the snowdrifts by the helicopter driven by captain commander Matilda Marin. Captain commander Matilda Marin, aged 42, is from Bucharest, and has piloted helicopters for 20

There is one year since she is a pilot with the General Aviation Inspectorate of the Ministry of Interior. She is not married, but she says that in her professional life she is happy, which compensates somehow what she misses in her family life. She chose to pilot helicopters because she felt attracted by flying. She knew she would become a good pilot at the time when she was admitted at the Aviation High School from Bucharest. “I wanted to learn and I knew that the Aviation High School was good although it was an industrial one. I was not pushed by my family, nobody in my entourage advised me to choose a certain profession,” Matilda explained for the daily ‘Adevarul.’

Four pregnant women rescued in two days

Monday and Tuesday were “full days” for pilot Matilda Marin, who on board of her helicopter, an MI 17, managed to bring to Bucharest four pregnant women in conditions of maximum security.

“It was practically a fight against weather. The mission of Monday, in Calarasi county, when we rescued three young women, two from Fundeni and one from Galbinasi, was carried out in a <>, I mean in the moments when the visibility and the wind allowed us to rise into the air. We had to do everything very quickly, otherwise the rescue mission would have turned into a tragedy. On Tuesday we went to Greaca, Giurgiu County, where another pregnant woman was waiting for us to take her to hospital. The missions were successful, but others may appear any moment,” Matilda said.

Only one hour after she spoke with the journalists from ‘Adevarul,’ the commander went on another mission, to Movila Banului in Buzau County. Three children had to be carried urgently to the municipal hospital from Buzau.

“Up in the air, the pilots don’t have feelings”

When she gets into the helicopter, the captain commander Matilda Marin thinks only to the mission which awaits her. She says that each rescue flight in unfavourable weather conditions is a flight to the unknown, and fright or pity does not exist in such cases.

In the General Aviation Inspectorate of the Ministry of Interior there are three women who pilot helicopters, and this has brought them neither benefits nor disadvantages. Their men colleagues consider them their equal and, what is more, persons on whom they can rely in missions. Matilda says that “up there we are neither women nor men, we are only pilots.”

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