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December 5, 2022

Preda opposes re-branding PDL as People’s Party

PDL MEP Cristian Preda again has a separate opinion from the rest of the party. This time, Preda opposes PDL’s being re-branded as a People’s Party, because such a change of name would undermine the democratic identity of the former PD and would open up a more favourable corridor of action for PNL. In Preda’s opinion, ‘the party’s Europeanisation is down to practices and vision, not to superficial changes.’

‘First of all, scrapping the term ‘Liberal’ from the name would leave a free corridor to PNL. In Romania, the rule of law, economic freedom and democratic aspirations are associated with the term ‘Liberal’ and not with any other terms. If we want to cover the entire right part of the political stage, we will have to assume liberal values by this name and not by any other name. In fact, as long as PNL has been refusing to shake hands since 2007, it is clear that our only solution is confrontation. Unification has been proven impossible, so we need to enter a competition,’ Preda writes on his blog, according to Mediafax.

‘Secondly, by adopting the term ‘People’s’ we would be giving up on our democratic identity that, to many of the PDL members coming from the old PD, is essential. What it is all about is a confrontation with Iliescu that has been going on since 1992, but in a different way than the one defined by the historical parties,’ Preda reminds.

And last, he argues that keeping the current name would mean ‘direct confrontation with the National Liberal Party, would continue opposition to Iliescu and would count on an Europeanisation of substance, not on one of shape.’

Despite Preda’s opposition, more and more of his colleagues seem to agree to name the party the ‘People’s Party’. Sorin Frunzaverde, Deputy Sever Voinescu, Vasile Blaga and Theodor Stolojan are some of them, explaining their preference by the party’s affiliation with the European People’s Party.

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