The mathematics champs are from Romania

The professor Daniel Breaz from Alba Iulia is declared the mathematician of the year 2009 in the world, a pupil from Baia Mare amazes Europe at the Olympiads, and the Romanian students are appreciated at Harvard. Famous teachers in mathematics are closely followed by youths with extraordinary performances. Omer Cerrahoglu learns at the age of 14 the subjects from the high school curriculum.

The young professor Daniel Breaz, aged 35, from Alba Iulia is declared at the University from Kyoto the best mathematician of the year 2009 in the geometrical theory of functions. “We can make performance in Romania. But for that purpose, research needs to receive more money. This is the fundamental condition in order that the persons who work in this domain would not be tempted any more to go abroad,” the mathematician declared for “Adevarul.”

The latest success of the professor from Alba Iulia was to obtain the distinction of best mathematician in the world in “the geometrical theory of functions” in 2009, granted by the Research Institute for Mathematical Sciences from Kyoto University, Japan.

Also the best student of the year in North America, designated by the League of the Romanian Students Everywhere is Corina Tarnita from Craiova, one of the best Ph.D. students in mathematics at the Department of Mathematics, Harvard University. Corina graduated in 2006 with Magna Cum Laudae. She continued to study mathematics while preparing for a master degree at the same university. Since last year she is a Ph.D. student.

Last year, the Romanian pupils ranked on the third place in Europe at the International Olympiad of Mathematics, with two gold medals, two silver medals and two of bronze. Madalina Persu, a graduate of the 12th grade of the International IT High School from Bucharest, and Omer Cerrahoglu, graduate of the 8th grade of “Vasile Lucaciu” National College from Baia Mare, obtained a gold medal each.

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