Romanian ambassador summoned by Singapore’s Foreign Affairs Ministry

Aurelian Neagu, the Romanian Ambassador to Singapore, was summoned yesterday by Singapore Foreign Ministry, being asked for a series of actions after the incident that took place in December, ‘Straits Times’ wrote on Thursday on its website, quoted by Mediafax.

In reaction to the media’s demands, the spokesperson of Singapore’s Foreign Affairs Ministry stated that the Ministry wants Romanian diplomat Silviu Ionescu back in the country in order to take part in the March 10 investigation into the death of Tong Kok Wai, one of the victims of the car crash that took place on December 15 and that involved one of the Romanian Embassy’s car. Singapore’s Foreign Affairs Minister informed Ambassador Aurelian Neagu about the concern of the Singaporean Government, underlining that it is very important for the Romanian Embassy to fully cooperate with the authorities in this case.

Giant tumor extirpated
in Arad

The doctors of a clinic in Arad have extirpated on Wednesday evening a 10.2-kilogram ovarian tumor from a patient from the Gurahont locality. Approximately two weeks ago the doctors from the Gynecology Hospital in Arad extirpated a 17-kilogram tumor. ‘The patient is 42 years old and the surgery lasted approximately one hour and 20 minutes, being uneventful. After the surgery the woman weighs approximately 63 kilograms,’ Dr. Iulius Ioan Miclea stated for ‘Evenimentul Zilei’ daily. The patient is feeling well and will remain hospitalized for 3-4 days. The doctors are waiting for the results of the histopathology test in order to determine whether the tumor is malignant.

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Gov’t wants fewer
emergency ordinances

Valentin Iliescu, chief of the Department for the relation with Parliament (DRP), cautioned on Thursday the state secretaries from ministries in charge with the relation with the Legislative that the emergency ordinances of the Government (OUG) can be adopted only in extraordinary situations, whose settlement cannot be deferred, the present Cabinet willing to cut their number. Iliescu had on Thursday a working meeting with the state secretaries in charge with the relation with Parliament, the first meeting of this type since the takeover of the mandate, Agerpres informs.

DRP chief also stressed the need for a more active participation of the state secretaries in sustaining the draft laws in the commissions and in the plenum of the Chamber of Deputies and Senate.

Senators change
working hours for
money-saving purposes

Senators will change their working hours starting next week because of the high costs of the heating and airing of the rooms, but also because of the problems connected with the visits of the senators to constituencies, Agerpres informs. According to the transcripts of the latest session of the Standing Bureau of Senate, published on Thursday on the site of the institution, it was decided to shift the plenary meeting from Wednesday to Tuesday, the day following the first plenum of the week.

The proposal came from the Social-Democrat quaestor Ioan Chelaru who invoked both the “considerations which refer to visits and all the other problems of the senators” and the “economic considerations,” explaining that the room of the plenum must be heated and aired two-three days before and after the meeting.

The state secretary who liaises with Parliament, Valentin Iliescu, cautioned however that there will be difficulties for the representatives of the Government to handle the relation with Parliament in these conditions and requested to return to the usual programme after the end of the winter.

Thieves forced entry
into PSD office

PSD Cluj-Napoca offices were broken on the night of Wednesday through Thursday by unknown persons. The representatives of the party say that nothing valuable disappeared from the premises, but they are drawing up however an inventory in order to see exactly what was stolen, according to Mediafax.

Cluj Police spokeswoman, Gina Pop, declared on Thursday that according to early investigations, unknown persons broke into PSD Cluj-Napoca offices, from Napoca street, breaking open the access door. Pop declared that the safes from PSD offices were broken open as well, but nothing was stolen from within.

Pierre Lellouche – delayed arrival in Bucharest because of mist

The state secretary for European Affairs from the French Foreign Ministry, Pierre Lellouche, came yesterday to Romania where he met with the Romanian foreign minister Teodor Baconschi and Premier Emil Boc. Lellouche deferred however for a few hours the meeting with minister Baconschi because the aircraft was late on account of the mist. According to the Embassy of France in Bucharest, quoted by Mediafax, because of the mist the aircraft landed on “Henri Coanda” Airport, instead of “Aurel Vlaicu” Airport as it was initially established.

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Montpellier defeats HCM Constanta in CL

Men’s handball club HCM Constanta, the Romanian title holder, lost the away game it played on Wednesday against Montpellier, score 24-37 (9-18). The game counted for round 7 of Group A games in the EHF Champions League. Although it lost the game at a difference of 13 goals, HCM Constanta has taken a giant step towards qualifying for the last-16 stage of the Champions League because in another group game PAOK Thessaloniki delivered a significant surprise by winning its home-side game against Pick Szeged, score 27-26 (17-17).

UEFA: Mutu won’t play in CL

Adrian Mutu, AC Fiorentina’s Romanian striker who twice tested positive for sibutramine, won’t play against Bayern Munich in a game counting for the first leg of the last-16 stage in the Champions League, UEFA’s official website announced. ‘This decision was taken after FIFA’s Disciplinary Commission decided on February 3 to extend at international level Mutu’s temporary suspension. The length of Mutu’s suspension depends on the Federal Court’s final decision and on the result of a possible appeal against it,’ the communiqué posted on UEFA’s website reads. Adrian Mutu tested positive for sibutramine after two doping tests in January.

Serbian referees
for Romania vs. Israel friendly

The friendly game between the Romanian and Israeli national football teams, a game scheduled on March 3 and set to take place in Timisoara’s ‘Dan Paltinisanu’ stadium, will be refereed by a team of referees from Serbia. The game, broadcast live by TVR 1 starting at 8.45 PM, will have Milorad Mazic as main referee, with Igor Radojcic and Srdan Milutinovic as assistant referees, with all three of them being FIFA referees. Romania’s Ovidiu Hategan will be the spare referee. Mazic also refereed the game between FC Timisoara and Dinamo (2-0) on November 23, 2009, a game counting for leg 14 of League I.

Rugby: Romania vs. Germany in Constanta

Because of the weather conditions, the game that Romania will play against Germany on Saturday has been relocated from Bucharest’s ‘Arch of Triumph’ stadium to Constanta’s ‘Constructorul-Cleopatra’ stadium. The game counts for the European Nations Cup. The game will start at 2 PM and the fans can attend it free of charge, the Romanian Rugby Federation’s website informs. Romania was scheduled to play against Spain this Saturday on the ‘Arch of Triumph’ stadium but the game’s observer decided to postpone it because of the frozen pitch. The game has been rescheduled on March 27.

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RON 105.1 M transactions with state titles

The investors sold eight packages of state titles on Bucharest Stock Exchange (BVB), through as many special transactions, with a cumulated value of RON 105.1 M. The operations were made until 15.00 h., on BVB bond market. The biggest amount, RON 94.6 M, came from four special transactions with state titles with maturity in October 2012 (B1210A). The last price at which the titles were transferred was RON 10,913.26, 9.13 per cent above the nominal value of RON 10,000. The titles have a fixed interest rate of 11.25 per cent per year and belong to an issue of bonds launched by the Public Finance Ministry on April 24, 2009. 830 bonds with maturity in March 2014 (B1403A) were also transferred through special transactions, for RON 10.18 M. These titles were sold for RON 11,237.84, 12.37 per cent over the nominal value.

Hidroelectrica chief: Hidroenergetica means layoffs

The future company Hidroenergetica will definitely appeal to the restructuring of the personnel, in order to render the activity more efficient, but the union leaders wage only an “image campaign” when they threaten to launch the strike, and actually they don’t represent the employees, Hidroelectrica chief, Mihai David, says. “The companies from the thermal energy sector have more employees than they need. It is clear that where necessary there will be a restructuring. It is outdated how the union leaders raise the issue. I think that their point of view does not reflect the opinion of the employees, it is an image campaign of the leaders,” David declared, quoted by Mediafax. Actually, the president of Hidrosind Unionist Federation, Decebal Sulea, declared that in two-three weeks time the unionists will launch a warning strike of two hours, because they are unhappy with the decision of the Government to set up the two national energy companies. The unionists also stated that they were not consulted before the decision was made.

Altex continues financial restructuring

The electronics and electrical appliances retailer, Altex, will continue this year the cost-cutting process started in 2009 and estimated to end in 2011, but intends to increase 10 per cent the salaries of the employees from shops and grant sales bonuses. “Last year we started a cost-cutting process, so the operations costs declined 48 per cent, and for 2010 we estimate another fall of 9 per cent of the operational costs,” Altex operational manager Adrian Urda declared yesterday, quoted by Mediafax. In 2009, Altex reduced the rental costs by 35 per cent, the payroll costs by 51 per cent, the logistics ones by 39 per cent and the distribution ones by 54 per cent. In the domain of marketing, the expenditures are 64 per cent smaller. According to Dan Ostahie, president Altex group, there won’t be any shops closed this year.

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