Ukrainian Foreign Ministry: Impossible to revise Hague ruling

Ukraine’s Foreign Affairs Ministry has put an end on Thursday to the wave of speculations generated by the recent statements made by Premier Yulia Tymoshenko who promised her voters, several days before the Presidential runoff that took place on February 7, that she will try to obtain the revision of the decision taken by the International Court of Justice in the litigation that concerned the delimitation of the exclusive economic zones in the Black Sea between Ukraine and Romania, the Novai Reghion press agency writes.

‘Ukraine will not be able to obtain the revising of the ruling that the ICJ gave in the dispute over the delimitation of the continental shelf and of the exclusive economic zones in the Black Sea,’ Ukrainian Foreign Minister Petro Poroshenko stated, being quoted by Romania Libera online.

‘The only thing Ukraine can do is to apply the ruling of the international court,’ the Ukrainian Foreign Minister added.

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