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May 12, 2021

Natural gas, energy – cheapest in Europe

Small wages reduce that advantage.

The Romanians pay the smallest price for natural gas and among the lowest electric energy bills compared to other European states, according to the data Eurostat published for Q1 of last year. However, in reality the wages that are very small compared to those in richer European states reduce the advantage that the Romanian consumer could have had, with its purchasing power being very low, the ‘Ziarul Financiar’ daily informs.

Thus, when taking into account the purchasing power a natural gas bill has a stronger impact on a Romanian than it does on a Frenchman or Englishman.

While a citizen of Luxembourg has a salary of EUR 1,642 per month (the highest at European level and almost 11 times higher than a Romanian’s), the amount he pays is only 2.5 times higher than the one paid by a Romanian. The same goes for the electricity bill. Although Romania has some of the smallest prices in Europe the very small salaries render this advantage inexistent.

Thus, the amount of money a Frenchman pays for an identical amount of energy is only twice higher than that paid by a Romanian but the Frenchman’s salary is 9 times higher than the Romanian’s. The amount of money paid by a citizen of Luxembourg for 100 KWh is three times higher than that paid by a Romanian, but the latter’s salary is 11 times smaller.

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