UDMR hopes to convince PDL on development regions

UDMR intends to convince their partners from PDL of the necessity to double the number of development regions.

UDMR president, Marko Bela, declared on Saturday, while at Targu Mures, at the proceedings of the Council of the Regional Representatives (CRU) that hopefully PDL will agree to double the number of development regions.

“In the Senate, the draft regarding the regionalization was passed tacitly, but in the Chamber of Deputies we shall have a dispute. We hope that PDL will agree to have a double number of regions, meaning 16, but we have to discuss this with the coalition colleagues,” Marko Bela said.

Senate passed tacitly, on February 10, a UDMR initiative of modification and completion of the Law regarding regional development. PSD accused the ruling coalition of using “tricks” and “maneuvers” for passing this project without debates. Moreover, the opposition disclosed that the project could conduct to the dismantling of the country.

Also in CRU, the leader Marko Bela approached the subject of education in the Hungarian language, coming with the proposal that the Magyar pupils would learn the Romanian language since the first grade, after special textbooks. Referring to the status of the national minorities, Marko estimated that “it would be a long and difficult dispute.”

Marko Bela said that the participation of the Union in governance was “the only correct measure.”

“Think in what position UDMR would have been now, what the opposition would mean now, think at the situation of PSD and PNL. If we were in opposition, we would be free to criticize much more toughly the budget, the pension law and the situation of education (…) and in UDMR we would fight within. And I think that the one or two people that we have had would have been ousted (…) Going to governance was the only correct measure,” Marko estimated.

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