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December 5, 2022


Renault: Around 10 pc of car parts from the Romanian market are fakes

Around 10 per cent of the total Romanian market of car products is represented by counterfeited products, Mediafax informs. The most frequently met are the components for bodywork, brake and direction systems, declared yesterday the quality and service manager of Renault company, Jean Francois Martin. “Around 10 per cent of the car part market is represented by counterfeits. The prejudices brought to Renault group by the trade with parts which are not original rises to EUR 5 M per year,” Martin added. Last year, the volume of captured counterfeited parts decreased almost seven times, from 27,000 in 2008 to 4,000 components. Renault collaborates with the customs authorities, the Police and the Romanian Car Registry to combat the counterfeiting of spare parts for cars.

Pollution tax paid also for cars
with Euro-4 engine

The pollution tax is paid since yesterday also for the cars with Euro-4 engine. Thus, for a Dacia Logan, the first registration tax begins from EUR 363 and can go as high as EUR 770, for the version with the biggest emission of noxious substances, according to Realitatea.net. In order to not influence the sales from this period, Dacia management decided to pay the pollution tax for all the cars sold until the end of the month.

TUI: Romania should increase promo budget

Romania’s foreign promotion budget, which amounts to some EUR 5 M in 2010, is austere and should be increased in order to obtain satisfying results, said Tim Grosse, general manager of TUI Romania, quoted by Mediafax. According to Grosse, the number of German tourists brought to Romania by TUI could go up if the country made higher investments to promote itself on the German market. “With an austere budget of EUR 5 M you can only go to a few fairs. Bulgaria’s budget for promotion in Germany alone stands at EUR 20 M, while Austria exceeds EUR 20 M,” Grosse explained. TUI, the world’s largest tour operator, will return on the Romanian market starting May.

Hungary turns down further IMF- EU financial aid

The Hungarian government still does not wish to draw down another tranche of the IMF and EU credit line as Hungary can now obtain financing from the market, Finance Minister Péter Oszkó told a press conference. He added that last year’s 3.9% and this year’s 3.8% general government deficit targets seem achievable, but further disciplined fiscal policy is required, Budapest Business Journal informs. The government’s projection for GDP this year changed to a contraction of 0.2% from minus 0.3% envisaged earlier this month. In January the government had projected a 0.6% GDP fall for this year.

IKEA sacks two executives over Russia bribes

Swedish furniture retailer IKEA sacked two executives for turning a blind eye to bribery by a subcontractor in Russia, just months after it halted expansion in the country because of bureaucratic hurdles. IKEA’s Russia spokeswoman said the group had dismissed its General Director for Russia and Eastern Europe, Per Kaufmann, and another senior director. Bribery is a relatively commonplace part of Russian business practice.

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