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December 9, 2022

Orban backs Antonescu for Liberal Party leader

The National Liberal Party’s (PNL) first vice president Ludovic Orban yesterday said he backs current party leader Crin Antonescu for a second term, but only if the vote observes uninominal election principles. Orban added that he plans to run for a new term as first vice president, “in a democratic election mechanism typical of the Liberal Party, through individual candidacies.”

When asked to comment on Antonescu’s decision to exclude him from his team, Orban said this was not the first time he was shown the door in the PNL. As for the possibility of him running for party president against Antonescu in the upcoming PNL congress, Orban said he has not yet made a decision. “If I decided to run, I will do so because I have serious reasons to run,” he added. His comment came as Antonescu on Monday announced he would not include Orban or ex PM Calin Popescu Tariceanu on the leadership list he will present in the congress.

Orban criticized the list voting system Antonescu supports, saying that it violates party members’ right to run for a post and to elect new leaders. “A single person cannot say, ‘I’m smarter than the rest of you all and I will put whoever I want on the list.’ Parties are not companies. I don’t think a single person can be smarter than the 1,500 delegates to a congress,” Orban added.

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