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March 29, 2023

Over 330 Romanians exploited by traffickers in Italy and Spain in 2009

Over 150 persons were exploited by traffickers in Italy, and 185 in Spain in 2009, most of the victims coming from the rural area and having a graduated a gymnasium. Most of the victims exploited in Italy are women (95), coming especially from the following counties: Maramures (30), Galati (20), Cluj (16), Botosani (13), according to the statistics of the National Agency against human trafficking in 2009. Over 60 of the victims exploited in Italy were obliged to work in agriculture, while 55 were sexually exploited (43 in the streets and 12 in clubs), according to the quoted source.

According to the statistics, in Spain the women and men were exploited to an equal extant, the persons coming chiefly from Bacau County (23), Brasov and Teleorman counties (19 from each), Galati County (18) and Braila County (14).

Almost 100 of these victims were recruited by an acquaintance or a friend, and over 60 by unknown persons.

Over 160 persons who arrived in Spain were recruited directly by traffickers, while five through an ad. In connection with the type of exploitation, 90 persons were obliged to work in agriculture and almost 60 were sexually exploited (10 of them in the streets and 45 in clubs). 25 persons were obliged to beg.As for the age categories, the victims belong to the 18-15 year group, but there are also 23 minors aged between 14 and 17, according to the statistics of the National Agency against human trafficking, in 2009.

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