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December 7, 2021

Environment Minister says no official request to host nuclear waste

Environment Minister Laszlo Borbely told RFI yesterday Romania has not yet received any official request to host nuclear waste storage facilities, but voiced concern over the possibility. His comments came as Times said in its online edition on Wednesday that Romania is one of several Eastern European countries eyed for possible storage of nuclear waste from across the European Union. Discussions are under way between eight countries – the European Repository Development Organisation which includes the Netherlands, Italy, Poland, Romania, Slovakia, Lithuania, Slovenia and Bulgaria – about transportation and storage of waste, ‘The Times’ said.

“I don’t know if this problem is very urgent at the moment. Obviously, several states are involved or want to build such storage facilities. And if these facilities are safely contained – and we’ll have to see what interests the Romanian state would have to host them, I will have to be very careful,” Borbely said. He added that Romania is still waiting for official information about the project and underlined that the Environment Ministry will do everything to make sure such facilities “are 100 per cent safe.”

The head of the National Agency for Radioactive Waste, Ion Nastasescu, also told Mediafax news agency on Wednesday that no international agreements have been signed to ship other EU states’ waste to Romania. He added that EU states are currently considering the possibility of building joint regional storage facilities, but said such a project is hampered by current differences in countries’ legal framework.

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