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January 25, 2022

Austrian artist featured in modern-art exhibit

Vienna-based artist Martin Krenn will be the main attraction of the Unicredit Pavilion as of this Thursday in a first-time event in Bucharest. The artist will present his work that ranges from co-operative, socially committed and participatory projects to politically symbolic, provocative actions. Krenn is an artist, curator, filmmaker, and activist whose work focuses on strategies and methods of resistance to the governing relations of power. He uses different media such as photography, video and the internet to develop projects that are realized in exhibitions, the web and in public space. The artist, present in Bucharest will give insights in his newer projects where an extended concept of art, subversive techniques and testing the so-called ‘freedom of art’ are deployed mostly strategically. One of the featured films will be “Notes on Resistance” a 2006 documentary investigating forms of resistance against fascism during the 1930’s and 1940’s in Austria, Spain and France. The protagonist is Harry Spiegel, who died shortly

before the shooting of the film began. Spiegel tells parts of his life via audio tapes illustrated with drawn sketches and animations. Additionally the film consists of filmed interviews with resistance fighters who were in contact with Harry Spiegel. The film is the portrait of a generation of resistance fighters who survived the fight against the regimes of Franco, the Austro-fascists Dollfuss & Schuschnigg and Hitler. Another project will be the Tirana Tours, a photo series by Martin Krenn. The starting point of the project is the communist tourist guide “Tirana”, a book that was published in German/English/French/Albanian in 1990.

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