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September 29, 2022

Orban: Antonescu, best placed to lead PNL, if the vote is based on motions

Crin Antonescu is best placed to be president of PNL, but he should not be reconfirmed in this position through list-based vote, his party colleague, first vice-president Ludovic Orban declared. Orban said he actually has nothing against a ballot based on motions, but opposes the voting based on lists.

“I publicly declared that, at the present moment, I consider Crin Antonescu as the most suitable for the position of PNL president. The same, I do not reject the idea of motions that would contain the political program of the party, its political strategy, its position toward the other parties of the political spectrum, which would actually represent the beginning of a ruling program that will stand as an alternative to the lack of solution, incompetence and chaos brought to Romania by the orange camarilla. I do however believe that the delegates to the Congress, who represent the elite of PNL and the basis of the party, must have this right to elect, besides Crin Antonescu, all the members of the leading team, on individual criteria,” Orban explained, quoted by Mediafax.

Asked whether he will run for first vice-president, Ludovic Orban answered: “Certainly, I even announced it in public, and I will join the race for PNL first vice-president.”

He explained that there are different opinions among Liberals about the voting system, mentioning his belief that “Antonescu should be chosen as PNL president based on a motion that actually includes a political program, a political strategy and an action plan for the next three years.” “But I believe that our team – for me as well as for Antonescu – is the whole PNL,” Ludovic Orban said, adding that he will participate in drafting all the position documents of the party.

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