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October 20, 2020

Clan planned to steal heroin from PKK

An underworld group led by Eugen Preda, currently in jail, was planning to steal one tonne of heroin allegedly trafficked by members of the Kurdistan Workers’ Party (PKK), according to daily ‘Adevarul’ yesterday. The Preda clan was involved in both weapon smuggling and drug trafficking operations, prosecutors say. The group was transporting heroin for PKK members, mostly from Turkey to Germany, in the areas largely inhabited by Kurds. Prosecutors said Preda’s group wanted to stage a robbery and walk away with one tonne of heroin that PKK intended to send to Germany.

The drugs were supposed to transit Romania with three vehicles driven by Preda’s people. But information of the planned robbery reached an undercover police agent and the operation was diverted, the newspaper said. The Preda clan was planning to sell the drugs on the Bucharest market, according to investigators.

Inquiry data shows that the PKK was discontent with the Preda clan’s work after two Romanian drug carriers were caught by narcotics police last summer. The two were carrying about 124 kilos of heroin and the capture cost the Kurdish organisation about EUR 2.5 M. Moreover, investigators revealed that the Preda clan was also involved in the theft of several weapons from a military unit last year. The group is known to have sold weapons to several other underworld organisations in Romania, but also to foreign groups, such as Basque separatists ETA, the inquiry revealed. Clan leader Preda and 13 other people were arrested in December last year for their involvement in the weapon theft case.

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